Grocery List: Condiments and Toppings

Just because you’re eating a lot of chicken and veggies, doesn’t mean your diet has to be boring. (and I really do hope you’re eating more than chicken and veggies). Here are a few of my favorites when it comes to getting a lot of bang for your [caloric] buck.

Sriracha: everyone’s favorite chile sauce- use on eggs or in asian sauces (hint: mix with PB2 and braggs for a kick-ass thai-inspired peanut sauce)
Franks: on eggs, chicken, veggies, anything. I like it on flat-out pizzas too.
PB2: mix with greek yogurt and SF/FF cheesecake flavored jello pudding for some serious yum. Also makes a great low-cal peanut sauce (see above). And you can just mix it with water too, for a PB alternative.
Braggs Liquid Aminos: great for stir fry!
Stevia: anything you want to sweeten up a bit. I have been known to put stevia and cinnamon on my egg whites and cream of rice. Weird, but delish.
BBQ Sauce: (I like Stubbs brand) again, use on meat, veggies, and my BBQ chicken pizza.
Mustard: lots of flavor for like, 10 calories. My favorite way to use it is in tuna salad.

What are your favorite ways to pack a flavorful punch in the kitchen?


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