On My Radar…workout clothes and all things pumpkin

Happy Friday! For the first time, I’m actually sad it’s the weekend…because Fall Break is over. ha. It was a weird week. I was feeling SUPER unmotivated. blerg. But I’m feeling more like myself this morning…And I’m getting my haircut (FINALLY) tomorrow morning. Holla! I’m also working on a post alllllll about dry shampoo…so here’s to a productive weekend!

This Lululemon pull-over is perfect for chilly mornings. Also this one from GapFit. And based on these selections, along with my Pinterest Boards and my Gap Shopping cart, I think I may only be wearing gray this winter…. #sorrynotsorry I also want to buy this and never take it off….










Also waiting to pull the plug and finally get me a pair of these babies. I’ve heard that buying the kids sizes is better for short people like myself. The tall ones are just too tall on my short legs.

I’m also a bit obsessed with all things pumpkin right now…. [#basic i know]

Pumpkin Chobani: so tasty! I love it with a bit of crushed graham cracker on top too..yum.


Pumpkin Waffles: One Word. amazeballs. (I just had them again for breakfast this morning, and with a couple of dark chocolate chips melted in between them, they are DIVINE)


These Pumpkin Cupcakes look delish.



Have a great weekend!


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