Recipe: Low-cal BBQ chicken pizza

Happy Tuesday! Here is an easy “recipe” aka throw it together and wait a couple minutes while it’s in the oven…I love making this for an easy lunch or dinner and my husband loves it too…it’s customizable which makes it great for picky eaters, also.


1 flat out wrap
2 Tb BBQ sauce (I love stubbs)
handful of chopped red pepper and red onion
3 oz shredded chicken
slice of Monterey Jack cheese, in pieces- I used Tillamook brand

mix BBQ sauce, peppers, onion, and chicken and place on top of wrap. place sliced cheese on the top. Bake at 400* for about 5 minutes.

(Macros will change depending on brand of BBQ sauce and brand of cheese- this is calculated using Stubbs and 2.7 oz chicken)

Macros: 359 calories 37 carbs/11fat/34 protein

Have a great day!


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