Fit for Fall- why you shouldn’t put off health&fitness goals until New Years!

Fall is officially here, and while it’s not usually a time people talk about their fitness goals, I wanted to get you thinking about them! I hate to break it to you, but there is never a “right” or “perfect” time to get healthy or start/improve your exercising regime.


There are always holidays and vacations and busy-seasons at work and birthdays and sick days…But really, there is no point in waiting until January to think about your health (or having a free-for-all until then.) Yes there will be holidays…and candy and pie and potatoes…but life is all about balance! Here are a few reasons to get started now:

  • Historically, the diet related New Years Resolutions tend to be a little extreme (I’m NEVER eating fast food again!!!), but by starting slowly, you won’t feel the need to make any rash decisions come January 1. A few holiday splurges are to be expected, but you can simply pick up where you left off without feeling the need to do a complete overhaul… or “cleanse”.
  • Balance can be tricky. A lot of people have the all or nothing mindset (If i’m going to have pie, I might as well eat ALLTHEPIE and I’ll start my diet next week. But until then- BINGE) this is not a healthy way to live life, and usually just leads to gaining more and more weight or can lead to a restrict/binge cycle….not healthy. Slowly implementing a few changes will lead to long term success.

So what can you do NOW?

Think about what goals you have. Slimming down before going home for the holidays?  Do you feel better and less stressed when you make time to exercise? Are you concerned about your blood work or blood pressure? Think about what is driving YOU to want to make changes in the first place.

Before the holiday chaos arrives, make some small changes. It could be anything from sipping water instead of soda in the afternoon, going for a walk after your kids leave for school, packing your lunch from home a couple times a week, instead of always eating out. But the key is SMALL changes.

Why small changes?? It might sound good on paper to workout every single day, but if you currently can barely squeeze in 1 workout a week….everyday wont last! Start with what is manageable RIGHT NOW. Not what’s manageable “in theory” or when you “aren’t as busy”. Right now!

So tell me…what do you plan on doing to keep yourself in check before the holiday madness arrives? Have a great Thursday!


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