Plan Ahead!

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” pretty much sums up the importance of making preparations ahead of time. I’ve always been a planner- almost to a fault. I like to plan out almost everything (except for my weekends, oddly enough) outfits, meals, workouts- you name it.

I realize that this isn’t something that comes as naturally for everyone. It’s important to plan ahead so when the time comes to act (whether that be on eating a meal or doing a workout)  you are prepared. It’s a lot easier for me to get up at 5am when I know I have my pre-workout on the counter and my gym clothes laid out- it’s less work for me. Here are a few tips for success when it comes to planning

1. Use your down time wisely- If you have an extra hour (or even 20 minutes) in the evening, you can easily prep your breakfast and lunch for the next day, so you aren’t left to get takeout if you end up sleeping through your alarm. Even while you’re watching TV you can throw some chicken in the oven and chop a few veggies during commercials- easy peasy!

a little meal prep

2. Make a list– Always make a list before going grocery shopping. Make sure to buy plenty of healthy options to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Just don’t forget the list!

3.Use a planner– It doesn’t matter if it’s an actual paper planner or in your phone- just use it. I use mine to plan the workouts I’m going to do during the week, and the meals I have plan to have.For me- once it’s written down I’m more likely to stick to it. This is also beneficial because I can plan my workouts around my schedule depending on what I have going on for the day. Some days the morning is better, and other days I prefer afternoons or evenings. 

my planner

4. Know yourself– If you hate running, don’t plan your gym time around the treadmill. If you hate chicken or broccoli- don’t buy it! Try new things and have fun! Working out and eating healthy should not be miserable- it should be about making your life healthier and happier. If you have the opportunity- go to a new class at the gym or try a new recipe. You may just find your new fav!

Remember: Planning is all about making your life easier in the long run!

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