Back to School Part 2: Healthy Snack Ideas

Keeping up with the theme of yesterdays post, I thought I’d post 15 lunch box- friendly snack options. Obviously during this time of year students are packing lunches, but they aren’t the only ones who need snacks on the go! Anyone with a busy schedule can benefit from keeping healthy snacks on hand…here are my top  picks:

  1. greek yogurt 
  2. apple and peanut butter 
  3. almonds
  4. cottage cheese and apple/pineapple
  5. string cheese and whole wheat crackers and/or fruit
  6. luna bar (my favorite)
  7. trail mix (try making your own mix)
  8. hummus and carrot sticks
  9. ants on a log
  10. low fat/ air-popped popcorn
  11. rice cake topped with peanut butter and banana
  12. boiled eggs
  13. smoothie-to-go
  14. lara bar (my favorite
  15. fruit plus peanut butter dip (1/2 C greek yogurt, 1 packet stevia, 2 T pb or pb2) 

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