A Brand New Month…

It’s a new month and a new school year- perfect time to set some goals! I recently read about setting weekly goals in a few categories- school/work, health/fitness, spiritual, etc. I thought this was a great idea to do on a monthly basis.



It’s one thing to run a few ideas through your head, but another to write them down and separate into categories. It will make your life easier and you’ll be more successful. Win-win!  So this month, set a couple goals. They can be long term (for the school year or semester), weekly, monthly- whatever. But writing it down significantly increases your chances of success.

And to keep me accountable, here are a few of my goals:

  • keep up with all of my reading for school
  • track macros everyday (especially weekends)
  • nightly scripture study

I also plan on having these written on my calendar to remind me.

Happy Tuesday! Have a great 4 day week. 🙂



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