Happy Wednesday! I can’t believe the week is already half over! Can I just say, Monday should just be part of the weekend? I LOVED this long, lazy, labor day weekend. Spent plenty of time lounging and watching netflix, and was able to find some great deals at the labor day sales. 

And….we took the plunge a couple weeks ago and bought this baby! We don’t have a TV, but we have a nice blender haha….I guess we have our priorities straight 😉 

This week I am linking up for Workout Wednesday! 


Ironically, I left my gym bag at home this morning (fully packed, and waiting by the door….) so I didn’t make it to the gym for a workout. BUT here is the back/bicep workout I did yesterday. 

only girl in the weight area and wearning pink pants, naturally. gotta love lulu.

Warmup– 10 min elliptical/ cardio of your choice 


cable seated row 
one arm dumbbell rows
barbell deadlift
wide grip lat pull downs


dumbbell curls
cross body hammer curls

[I did 3x 8-10 on all of these– remember, weight, reps and sets depend on your individual goals!]

By the time this was over, I was wiped out! 

matchy-matchy in all pink in the locker room….

Happy hump day!!!

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