The Friday Five

1. What I’m Reading: I picked this up for our trip, and read half of it on the airplane on the way to TN. I was planning on saving the rest for the flight back, but I can’t stop. Such a light, but thought-provoking read– and definitely getting me thinking about new years resolutions, just in time for 2014. 

2. What I’m listening to. I loaded our wedding reception playlist on to my iphone before we left for vacation to give me some good upbeat music to listen to on the airplane…such a good call. I will always think about dancing with my little brothers when I hear this song. 

3.  What I’m Eating [drinking]. Well besides, everything (it’s ok on vacation, right??) I’m loving these juices to help me get some fruits/veggies/protein in…so I can balance it out with some pralines and fudge….

4. What I’m bookmarking. Chocolate Peppermint everything. Tis the season, amiright? This popcorn (made with coconut oil) is right up my alley…

5. What I’m looking forward to: Well as this trip winds down, and we leave tomorrow, I’m looking forward to heading to California to see my family…and of course I’m looking forward to Christmas!

Happy Friday!


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