Friday Faves: 9/26

Happy Friday!! The school year is getting busy, other than that, nothing too exciting going on…Here are a few favorites from this week…

1. Questbars- my favorite will always and forever be white chocolate raspberry. yumm. The other ones are for my husband (8 for me, 4 for you…sounds fair, right?) These are the perfect snack to bring with me to class. My classes are at an awkward time in the evening, so I always end up having a late dinner, and these babies keep me full till then.

image (1)


2. Even though Fall weather has not entered Utah yet (#globalwarming) I’m still loving the start of pumpkin season. These pumpkin pancakes are TO DIE FOR.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Protein Pancakes

3. On that note…since the weather hasn’t really changed (although rain is in the forecast, so fingers crossed) I haven’t been able to pull out any of my fall stuff! And I really haven’t been able to justify buying anything for the cold weather….it will just make me sad seeing it sit in my closet. But I thought this pullover from the Gap was adorable!



4. I’m still obsessed with this sports bra [also from the gap]. I think I’m going to get it in another color. So comfy and the cut is so flattering! Gap-sportsbra


5. And finally, my Precision Nutrition books came! So excited for this nutrition certification.



What’s on your radar this week? Have a great weekend!


Friday Five: 9/19

It was a good week. I got all signed up for my Precision Nutrition certification class, and today is the day I get my iphone 6! Hallelujah! First new phone in 3(!) years…the only thing I’m sad about is saying goodbye to the unlimited data plan I’ve been milking since my contract was up a year and a half ago. Oh well. Can’t wait to get my phone!

1. What I’m reading: Other than textbooks, I finished #Girlboss this week, and I’m almost done with Salt Sugar Fat. Both are such good reads.
Links from the web:
Career Advice via Cup of Jo
Reasons to toss the scale
This made me sad

2. What I’m watching… Um season 3 of New Girl is on Netflix! Holla. And for your enjoyment…

3. Workouts…going to start one of these babies next week. I think I’m going to start with Powershred. On anthother note, sadly due to an unfortunate incident involving my foot, it’s painful for me to cardio. But it’s also a million degrees outside so I’m not that sad about it. #sorrynotsorry But here’s a progress pic 😉

photo (3)

4. What I’m eating….pretty boring lately. Let’s talk about what I want to be eating this weekend. Pizza. The answer is pizza. I think I’m going to pick up some dough from Whole Foods, and make some pizzas at home (so I can eat it in my pajamas, obvi). Pizza recipe.


5. Friday Finds: Synergy Cranberry Kombucha is amaze. I tried it this week and I love it. Also Peanut Butter Puffins (which you can aparently buy on Amazon, so that’s cool) . They aren’t new to me I just love them. I also really want one of these shirts from Gap, but as previously mentioned it’s HOT outside, so I’ll probably wait a while.



Happy weekend! I’m praying the Fall weather is coming soon!


Friday Five- 8/29

Happy Friday! How in the world is it already Labor Day weekend?! I had an amazing summer (and I love fall) ,but I’m not ready to say goodbye to the warm weather!!

1. What I’m Reading: Still Reading Sugar Fat Salt. It’s a great read. Very interesting. It’s suddenly making sense why food marketing to children (in particular) is so persuasive- Tobacco companies own half the food industry. Also just got a notification that my hold at the library is ready- So I’ll be starting #girlboss, which I’m excited about.

#girlboss SaltSugarFat

2. Workouts: Sticking with my workout schedule. Also been getting lots of extra walking in around campus, which I love. This week so far I’ve done back/bis, HIIT, chest/tris, rest day, and this weekend I’m hoping to hit up a spin class! I also need to start doing my cardio outside while I still can.


[first pic was beginning of Aug, second pick 2 weeks later, 3rd pic was yesterday]

3. Eating: Sticking with flexible dieting and it’s working like a little charm. I’m bummed I was too stubborn to try it before, but hey! It’s working now. 🙂 I’ve noticed a lot of change in my stomach. Also noticed I’m getting stronger (thanks to my good friends, carbs). I got a bunch of Questbars to have on hand, now that school has started. These ones did not disappoint, but I think my fav is still White Chocolate Raspberry. (tip: if you don’t want to commit to one flavor of questbar, you can buy 12 at GNC and they will charge you as if it was a a box).


4. Bookmarking: I really want to try this Coconut Lime Raspberry Chia Pudding from Skinny Taste


5. Friday Finds: This broccoli from Costco was a good find this week. I love that it’s divided into steamable bags.


I haven’t tried the Zella brand yet, but this jacket is adorable! On sale this weekend at Nordstrom!



Happy 3 day weekend! I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my hubby in Park City this weekend. 🙂


Friday Five: 8/22

How in the world is it the end of August? School starts NEXT WEEK. So crazy. Summer always flies by for me. I am really excited for lots of new school supplies and clothes though (aren’t I always?) But if the farmer’s markets and warm evenings could stick around that would be great…

1. What I’m Reading: Just picked up Salt Sugar Fat at the library. So far it’s interesting. I’m always intrigued by how the government plays a role in health (tobacco, sugar & corn industries, etc), so I’m excited to dig into this one.



A few articles I liked this week:
13 surprising things about parenting in Turkey – a Cup of Jo. I love this series.
Jenna Lyons -beauty routine – Into the Gloss #girlcrush for sure
Asking for what you want – Design Sponge

2. Working Out: sticking with my lifting schedule, but I’ve been adding more cardio back in. I go through phases where I love to do HIIT. So while I love it, I do it haha. Schedule this week was Mon: cardio, Tues: back/bis Wed: cardio Th: chest/shoulders/tris and I plan on hitting legs and one more cardio sesh this weekend. Getting as many workouts as I can in before school starts!


3. Eating. Following IIFYM pretty diligently. Obsessing over eggs EVERYDAY. I seriously had an omlet with onions, peppers, and tomatoes for Breakfast and AGAIN Dinner yesterday. #whatiswrongiwthme I’ve always been obsessive about food- when I find something I love, I eat it everyday til I’m sick of it.

4. Bookmarking: Looking for some new dinner recipes to add to the rotation. I feel like I’m in a huge rut. I’m intrigued by the “zoodles” trend, and feel like I need a spiralizer in my life. And of course SkinnyTaste never fails to disappoint. Kung Pao Chicken Zoodles sounds perfect.


5. Friday Finds: These workout tops from Gap are SO good. Revealing a sexy back and shoulders and super flattering in front. Highly recommend. I picked up a white and the coral during Gaps Friends & Family sale a couple weeks ago. Their workout gear is such great quality, and their sales are frequent, so it’s easy to get it cheaper.


Also this guac from Costco is great. Easy on the Macros and delish! I love Costco. And portion control guac is exactly what I need haha #letsbehonest



Happy Weekend! I hope your school year starts with all the fresh school supplies you could ever dream of.



Friday 5: 8/8

1. What I’m Reading: Finished 2 books this past week- Unlimited by Jillian Michaels (highly recommend) and on the opposite end of the Spectrum- Uganda be Kididng Me by Chelsea Handler. It was a hilarious/quick read. I’d recommend it as a pool read. Just be prepared to laugh out loud. This week I started Anthony Robins- Unlimited Power… so far so good. Kind of hard to “get into”, but  really good info nonetheless.


Unlimited   UgandaBeKiddingMEUnlimitedPower


*sidenote- I guess UNLIMITEDis the word of the week.

online reading:
Into the Gloss- Miranda Kerr’s 7 Rules for Adulthood

She seems so charming! I loved her advise in regards to health and forgiveness. Beautifully said. “Health is wealth” I love that. So true.

And in case you missed it- my IIFYM experiment is underway.


2. What I’m Eating:

Lately I’ve been going crazy for veggies in my eggs in the morning. I start by sauteeing peppers, red onion, and grape tomato. Then I add in 2 eggs + 1 egg white, a cheese stick, sliced up.  Badda-bing. Even better with some hot sauce on top. Can’t beat it. AND it’s only abut 230 calories with 23 g protein. BOOM. I love starting the day with some veggies. It’s easier for me to eat enough if I start in the morning and spread them out throughout the day.




3. What I’m listening to: I’m still Stuck on my Lana Del Ray Pandora station.I am loving this song though.


4. What I’m bookmarking:

 I love peanut butter. and I LOVE Rice Krispies. These are a must-try. Jasmine is amazing.


5. Looking forward to: The beautiful weekend! My brothers will be visiting soon and I’m so excited. And as much as I don’t ever want summer to end, I am super excited to go back to school in a few weeks!
Happy Weekend 🙂

Friday Five: 6/6

TGIF, amiright?! I plan on soaking up some sun (exactly what I plan on doing allllll summer long) and hitting up a cycle class this weekend…my new favorite form of cardio torture 😉 Annd there’s a new Whole Foods in our neck of the woods, so some homemade pizza with WF dough is sounding delightful for an easy weekend dinner. If you haven’t tried their pizza dough, I highly recommend. It’s less than $4 and you can get it in the fridge section.

1. What I’m Reading:I started Power Thoughts and The Power of Habit this week, and so far both are so good! And I guess power is my word of the month…Loving the positive-psychology reading in Power Thoughts and the science in The Power of Habit really has me geeking-out. I’m glad I finally dusted off my library card. I plan on doing some serious reading before I go back to school in the Fall.


power of habit            power-thoughts


2. What I’m Listening to: Lana Del Ray radio on Pandora. I love this song.


3. What I’m eating….Strange combo of cottage cheese mixed with stevia and cinnamon + 1/2 c frozen blueberries (that are thawed by the time I eat it). SO good. I’m such a wierdo about my food preferences. Also hubby and I ate at Ruth’s Diner in SLC for our anniversary brunch yesterday. We sat on the patio and it was beautiful…no food pics, but here’s me 😉


4. What I’m Bookmarking: THIS just screams summer. I might just have to whip it up this weekend. Looks tasty, easy, and light with the one of the yummiest summer flavor combos.



5. Looking Forward To: Moving next month! The purging/packing process is less than delightful, but I do love throwing out crap and getting organized. Which reminds me…I need to go through my closet and donate some clothes this weekend….


Any summer must-reads?

Happy Friday!


The Friday Five- 5/23

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope you will be doing something that involves a BBQ or a bathing suit this weekend. The pools are opening and I’m so excited! [sidenote- when I lived in SoCal, I didn’t realize pools ever closed]

1. What I’m reading: Happier at Home
I loved Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project”, so I was excited to pick up the second book at the library. So far it’s excellent. Her personality (and writing) just speak to me. I love her ideas on ways to make life happier and more meaningful on the small scale. The topic of improving happiness can be huge and overwhelming (spirituality, meditaion, “simplify”, etc.) so I like reading simple things like cleaning out your closet and getting a new toaster can have a huge impact on day-to-day life. Will report back when I’m finished.

photo via



2. What I’m listening to: Girltalk. I just can’t stop. The catchy remixes are perfect for working out!

3. What I’m Eating: Tuna salad! I’ve gone on a tuna kick recently…tuna + mustard+ cottage cheese (or greek yogurt) + boiled egg whites = yum! No pics, because tuna salad isn’t the prettiest, amiright? Also obsessing over the Cellucor Connamon Swirl Protein Powder. I picked it up from Costco, and let me just say- their supplement section is killing it. So good. And a good $10 cheaper than, so I call that a win.



4. What I’m Bookmarking: easy lunch recipes! On the tuna salad note- I love throwing together a quick salad at the beginning of the week and portioning it out. I’ve been using Pinterest (naturally) to find some new ideas… how good does this look? Check out my lunch board on Pinterest here.




5. What I’m looking forward to: A long weekend! Cheers to the unofficial beginning of summer!




What are you doing this weekend? Any great lunch recipes?





The Friday Five- May 16

Happy Friday! Can you believe we are half way through may? Crazytown. That also means we’re almost half way through 2014…what?!


1. What I’m reading:
An interesting NY Times Op-Ed on the huge problems coming from our  insane salt intake
A fun post about Family Vacations from A CUP OF JO
And 2 sweet Mother’s Day Posts by the Hollywood Housewife and Hey Natalie Jean

…I’m hoping to hit the library soon and pick up some ACTUAL BOOKS 😉


2. Listening to:

I love this song. I know it plays like, 100 times a day on the radio, but I don’t mind at all. My husband sings it to me in the car and he sounds like an angel. 😉

Also listening to the best Pandora station for working out EVER. Which is David Guetta radio + Justin Timberlake + girltalk for variety. Upbeat perfection.


3. Eating:
I cannot get enough of these protein pancakes I posted about. (so much so that I ate all of the protein powder we had in the house…which was a lot….sad.) We also bought our first corn on the cob of the season which was so insanely satisfying. SUMMER IS COMING! amiright?!


4. Bookmarking. Salads. I cannot stop pinning salad recipes. Apparently I’m ready for some yummy, fresh produce! How good does this look? I’ve never thought of putting watermelon in salad, but I can’t wait to try it!



5. Looking forward to: A warm weekend! After a stressful week worrying about my family in the SoCal fires, I’m ready to get out and soak up some vitamin D. Also, the count down is on for the SLC summer Farmer’s Markets…less than a month! Annnnnd…my 3 year anniversary is next month. No plans so far, but still exciting 🙂


What are YOU looking forward to? Any good book recommendations?

Happy Weekend!




The Friday Five

1. What I’m Reading: I picked this up for our trip, and read half of it on the airplane on the way to TN. I was planning on saving the rest for the flight back, but I can’t stop. Such a light, but thought-provoking read– and definitely getting me thinking about new years resolutions, just in time for 2014. 

2. What I’m listening to. I loaded our wedding reception playlist on to my iphone before we left for vacation to give me some good upbeat music to listen to on the airplane…such a good call. I will always think about dancing with my little brothers when I hear this song. 

3.  What I’m Eating [drinking]. Well besides, everything (it’s ok on vacation, right??) I’m loving these juices to help me get some fruits/veggies/protein in…so I can balance it out with some pralines and fudge….

4. What I’m bookmarking. Chocolate Peppermint everything. Tis the season, amiright? This popcorn (made with coconut oil) is right up my alley…

5. What I’m looking forward to: Well as this trip winds down, and we leave tomorrow, I’m looking forward to heading to California to see my family…and of course I’m looking forward to Christmas!

Happy Friday!