Workout Wednesday: Cardio Pyramid

Happy Workout Wednesday! I definitely go through love/hate phases with cardio, but something I like to incorporate is incline walking. It’s kind of a pain in the ass (literally), but it burns so good. The pyramid workout isn’t a true HIIT (high intensity interval training), but it keeps the heart pumping for sure. Feel free to rest a minute or 2 between the pyramids though, or modify if you’re used to running at a faster pace. 😉    Enjoy! Treadmill Workout


W.O.W: Circuit Workout

Happy Hump Day! I came up with this circuit last week after doing some cardio on the treadmill. It’s great to finish off a workout, or repeat 4-5 times as a complete workout. It will definitely get your heart pumping.





*Swiss Ball pass throughs- start by laying on a mat with swiss ball between legs and arms over-head. Reach up with arms and legs. Grab ball and pull over head. Reach up again, passing ball to legs, returning to stating position. This is one rep.



Motivation Monday: Why group fitness is a good idea

Happy Monday! Let me start by saying I LOVE a solo lifting sesh. Lovve it. It’s my meditation. My therapy. I feel so beautiful but also like a bad ass and that feeling alone is amazing. BUT. Sometimes I just can’t kick my own tush hard enough. Here are a few reasons to go to group fitness classes.



1. Sometimes I need an instructor to yell and push and encourage me. When someone else is yelling for you to PUSH HARDER it’s easier to actually PUSH HARDER. Sometimes the voice in my head doesn’t yell quite loud enough.

2. Switch it up. Our bodies are amazing and get used to the same old routine. Classes are always changing. Even the spin class I love to go to is always a change between focus on hills or sprints. It keeps the body guessing and progressing.

3. That music is cray. I don’t know where these instructors find this shiz, but the music pumps me up. (and for the record I use a pretty kick ass Pandora station- a mix between Skrillex- David Guetta- Justin Tumberlake- Girltalk– so it’s not like I’m working out to top 40….)

4. A little competition never hurt anyone. Seeing other people next to me try and push through the same workout gets me pumped to work harder and push myself. That’s kind of a theme here. Every once in a while I’ll let myself off easy in a cardio or lifting workout. That doesn’t happen when I’m competing with people next to me. 😉

5. A little bit longer…..classes are 6o minutes which means you are moving for 60 minutes. No getting out of it. No lollygagging. No trips to the bathroom. Longer workout = more calories burned.


What are your favorite classes to attend? Do you find it helpful to incorporate group fitness into your workout routine?