Spicy Veggie Scramble

I can’t really call this a recipe, because you basically just throw everything together in a frying pan- But man, it’s good.


1/2 t olive oil
5 or 6 grape tomatoes
1/4 of a large pepper, diced
diced red onion (as much as you want)
big handful of spinach
1 egg scrambled + 1/2 c egg whites (I use Kirkland Egg whites)
.5 oz pepper jack cheese (shredded)
Tb salsa  – more or less depending on personal preference

Start by sauteeing veggies in olive oil. Wait until the last minute or 2 to add spinach. Beat egg and egg whites and mix in pan with veggies. When almost cooked, add shredded cheese. Top with salsa.

Comes out to about 228 calories- 7c/ 13f/ 23p

Super easy and filling and only takes a few minutes to whip up.


Whole Juicing: Citrus Berry Juice Recipe

Now that it’s getting pretty warm, I’ve been craving tons of smoothies and  fruit (mostly watermelon). I’ve made this same juice recipe everyday for about the last week and I can’t get enough! It’s so refreshing. I’ve mentioned before that I prefer to whole juice in order to get the benefits of the plentiful fiber in produce. I use my blendtec and it works like a little charm.




1/2 large navel orange, peeled
1/4 lime, with peel
1/2 C blueberries (I use frozen, but fresh would be great too)
1/2 C kale (I also freeze my kale so it’s nice and chilled in my smoothies)
splash of coconut water

Throw all the ingredients into your blender. I use the “Whole Juice” Button on my blendtec. Duh. Easy as pie…but a lot healthier 🙂