Motivation Monday: Consistency

Happy Monday! We had a nice laid back weekend with the pup….worked out, ate Chipotle, and froyo… aka all my favorite things 😉

I saw this quote on good old Pinterest and wanted to share….Consistency is KEY with health/fitness/diet/exercise. Give yourself a chance to be successful. It’s rough at first (I KNOW…trust me), but set short term goals…1 or 2 weeks at a time even. Yo-yo-ing for the rest of your life will NOT bring results. I didn’t start seeing consistent progress, until I regularly worked out, and was making sure I was eating enough [slash not too much;)]….and of course this applies to all areas of life.



Trust yourself. Give yourself a chance to succeed. Have a great week!


An Awesome App…

I’ve been looking for a reminder/goal app for a while (not the typical check list or calendar reminder) to keep me on track during the day. I finally came across Balanced in the app store, and I love it! The design is clean looking, you can have multiple goals with different time frames (i.e. once per day, 3 times per wk, etc.) And’s free!  It’s so satisfying for me to cross things off a list, and I love having the reminder to focus on the important things!

2015/02/img_5875.jpgDo you have any favorite time management/goal/fitness apps? Let me know!!




Motivation Monday: Beating the Winter Blues

February is here! I actually think January is my least favorite month… Something about coming off of the holiday high and back to real like…real freaking cold life. But we survived. February brings my birthday (25…sob) and valentines day, so I have some fun stuff to look forward to. This winter in Utah has been super mild, plus with the puppy, and my second semester of grad school I’m keeping busy. I wrote a post last year (here) about surviving the winter blues, but I just wanted to add a few things 🙂



  • exercise as much as possible. those endorphins are SO great, not to mention help with working off the holiday lbs
  • freshen up your home. fresh flowers and candles have been game-changers for me. I hate the empty feeling after taking down the Christmas decorations, so organizing and changing things around really helps.
  • stock up on fresh food. I got back into meal planning in January and it helped me re-focus on eating fresh and healthy meals
  • remind yourself that we are just 7 weeks away from the first day of spring! Day dreaming about pool days and bikinis always gets me excited….

and like this post says..put something fun on the calendar! And taking a hot bath always helps too 🙂 How do you make it through the gloomy months?


New Years Resolution Tips: the #1 question to ask yourself when setting goals

Happy New Year! I’ve written about goal setting a few times before…my first post was actually about setting SMART goals…
here are some tips for kicking the soda habit
more about resolutions here
and plenty of motivation for sticking with those goals here, here, here….)

NYresolutionsBut today I wanted to focus on one important question… WHY? It’s great to decide you want to lose weight, or to spend less, or read more, or focus on your business, but unless you figure out WHY you want to do those things, it won’t stick. I’m guilty of setting a vague resolution in the past but without asking the important question what is my motivation for sticking to it? I’ve also gone the SMART goal route and defined small steps and a timeline,etc., but again….if I don’t figure out WHY I want to do it, why would I really make it a permanent change.

Example: say you decide you want to save money…are you saving for a house? Paying off debt? Saving money to travel this year? Spending less money eating out, and cooking at home more?

What about if you want to “lose weight”…are you trying to improve your health? Run a race this year? Have a more active life with your spouse or kids or grand kids?

You want to read more? Why? For pleasure? Are you trying to learn something specific? Improve your business? Spend more time away from technology?

Do you see the benefit? There are so many worthwhile goals to set, but if you don’t figure out specifically why it applies to your life and why it’s important to you…there really isn’t any point in sticking with it all year…let alone until January 31. Here’s to a healthy and productive year!


Workout Wednesday: Don’t Punish Yourself!

All too often I see people in the gym chugging away on their cardio equipment looking MISERABLE. Not to say cardio is bad (I do it regularly, and I also don’t love it), but my point is, working out doesn’t have to be a horrible chore. You shouldn’t workout because you hate your body, or you think you ate too much. It’s not a punishment that has to be endured 3 or 4 or 5 times per week.



Workout Wednesday

There are SOOO many options…

  • classes: spin, yoga, pilates, barre, zumba, TRX, bootcamp, BodyPump…..
  • videos: bootcamp, pilates, yoga, circuits
  • traditional weightlifting/bodybuilding, powerlifting
  • crossfit
  • running (indoor, outdoor, distance, sprints, HIIT)
  • cycling
  • skiing/snowboarding
  • surfing
  • swimming
  • hiking
  • walking, jogging, jump-roping…

Ok my point is there are a lot of options. Exercising should be part of a healthy lifestyle- something that enhances your life, gives you a little endorphin rush, and heck- maybe something FUN. I realize that not everyone enjoys working out, but it’s so much more easy to incorporate into your life if it’s something you don’t hate….Just some food for thought on this Wednesday.

I never would have imagined I’d fall in love with weight lifting, but I am sure glad I tried it. You never know until you try. 😉


Motivation Monday: Gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving…

A little note to myself to remind me that I am more than the shape or appearance of by body.

thankful heart

Dear Cassie,
Remember to thank your body! It allows you to LIVE…experience the beautiful smells of the fall candles you love. Your body gets you up in the morning to go to work, school, & take care of your family. Your legs let you walk through Costco, the mall, hiking trails, up stairs, chase toddlers. They let you RUN! And run some more on the treadmill.  And squat a lot of weight. They are strong. Your arms squeeze your husband tightly. They hold babies and carry groceries. Lots of groceries. And lift a lot of weights. Those hands put so much work into typing papers and cooking dinner. The heart that feels so much love, and the mind that got you into grad school. Remember to thank your body. All of it. REALLY appreciate all it does for you, and for others too. It’s beautiful and it’s strong.


Workout Wednesday: Real Talk

I read an instagram post from Skinny Meg yesterday that said she didn’t want to get up at 5am and do her run yesterday. She was up all night with her baby, and the last thing she wanted to do want go run at 5am. But guess what. She got up and she did it anyway. Because she’s training for a marathon and she is a BEAST.


This totally resonated with me. I don’t feel motivated I didn’t want to workout yesterday morning. I did it anyway. Why? Because it’s habit. I expect more out of myself. I had a huge test I was stressing about, and the only time yesterday I wasn’t feeling a ton of anxiety about it was WHEN I WAS LIFTING.

There is nothing like the feeling of pushing yourself harder than ever. I’m now to the point where routine takes over when motivation is gone. I have a program and I’m sticking to it. No excuses. No bull shi*t. No quitting. Who cares if 6 days a week is a lot right now. Who cares how often “everyone else works out”. Do I want to be everyone else? Do I want to do what everyone else does? Do I want to look like everyone else? NO. I want to BE ME. I want to WORK HARD. And right now, I am holding myself to 6 days a week.

HABIT is what keeps me going. Loving the feeling of pushing through my last set. Music blasting. There is nothing like it.

So if anyone isn’t feeling particularly motivated today, it’s okay. Do it anyway. You ALWAYS feel better after. You owe it to yourself to stick to your goals.

ANYWAY. Happy Hump Day!



Fit for Fall- why you shouldn’t put off health&fitness goals until New Years!

Fall is officially here, and while it’s not usually a time people talk about their fitness goals, I wanted to get you thinking about them! I hate to break it to you, but there is never a “right” or “perfect” time to get healthy or start/improve your exercising regime.


There are always holidays and vacations and busy-seasons at work and birthdays and sick days…But really, there is no point in waiting until January to think about your health (or having a free-for-all until then.) Yes there will be holidays…and candy and pie and potatoes…but life is all about balance! Here are a few reasons to get started now:

  • Historically, the diet related New Years Resolutions tend to be a little extreme (I’m NEVER eating fast food again!!!), but by starting slowly, you won’t feel the need to make any rash decisions come January 1. A few holiday splurges are to be expected, but you can simply pick up where you left off without feeling the need to do a complete overhaul… or “cleanse”.
  • Balance can be tricky. A lot of people have the all or nothing mindset (If i’m going to have pie, I might as well eat ALLTHEPIE and I’ll start my diet next week. But until then- BINGE) this is not a healthy way to live life, and usually just leads to gaining more and more weight or can lead to a restrict/binge cycle….not healthy. Slowly implementing a few changes will lead to long term success.

So what can you do NOW?

Think about what goals you have. Slimming down before going home for the holidays?  Do you feel better and less stressed when you make time to exercise? Are you concerned about your blood work or blood pressure? Think about what is driving YOU to want to make changes in the first place.

Before the holiday chaos arrives, make some small changes. It could be anything from sipping water instead of soda in the afternoon, going for a walk after your kids leave for school, packing your lunch from home a couple times a week, instead of always eating out. But the key is SMALL changes.

Why small changes?? It might sound good on paper to workout every single day, but if you currently can barely squeeze in 1 workout a week….everyday wont last! Start with what is manageable RIGHT NOW. Not what’s manageable “in theory” or when you “aren’t as busy”. Right now!

So tell me…what do you plan on doing to keep yourself in check before the holiday madness arrives? Have a great Thursday!