Winter Break Recap

It’s back to real life this week (well, almost- school starts next week), but winter vacation has been glorious! It was so nice being in California with my family and soaking up the warm weather (aside from the weird cold snap). We stayed in Newport and went to Disneyland, California Adventure, and Knotts Berry Farm. It was amazing and I am so thankful for my amazing family!

It felt good to have a couple weeks off, but being back in a somewhat normal routine feels good too. I ate my weight in junk food (Disneyland Churros are apparently a huge weakness of mine), and only got a couple workouts in at the hotel, so my body was ready for some normalcy. January isn’t my favorite month by a long shot, but it felt good to come home and snuggle up in my own bed. I’m finishing packing up the Christmas Decorations, and I still can’t believe how fast the holidays went! The year seemed to kind of stretch on and on, but ever since I started school in the Fall time flew by.

I’m excited for a fresh start to the new year, and crossing my fingers it was better than 2014, which was definitely a lesson-learning and “growing” year. And in no particular order [and not the best photo quality] some highlights of the trip….


amazing sunset in Newport Beach ^^/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/fcf/67995535/files/2015/01/img_5285.jpg

Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls ^^


 Christmas Eve with my babe ^^


 Downtown Disney^^


 California Adventure^^


NYE at Disneyland^^


 Space Mountain 🙂 ^^

Happy New Year!


Christmas Week and a Life Update…

It’s Christmas week! After being sick all of last week, I haven’t worked out in forever 😦 but oh well..Finals are over and I am ready for a nice long break! This weekend was spent prepping for our trip, doing last minute Christmas Shopping, and having froyo of course 😉



We drove around looking at Christmas lights, and I’ve had my Pandora station queued up to Michael Buble Holiday Station foreverrr…I seriously love this time of year.



This Chocolate/Peppermint froyo combo from Menchies is TO DIE FOR. It’s definintely a must try, and I might need to find some more in California.


Nothing better than Christmas presents from Nordies 😉 Can’t wait to see what Santa brings me.

California vacation is finally here, and I am so excited to see my family, soak up some sun, and go to Disneyland. I’ll be MIA the next couple weeks. I’m trying to unplug a bit…we’ll see how that works…Have a great week!



Cyber Monday Fitness Finds

Hope your Thanksgiving was amaze…I know mine was. I ate pumpkin pie till my heart was content, hung out with my family, and shopped till I dropped. Today I thought I’d share a few Cyber Monday goodies….



1. Gap Motion Tee
2. Gap Sports Bra
3. Heathered Capris
4. Athleta Tank
5. Mesh Leggings via Nordstrom

Gap– 40% with code CYBER
Athleta– 20% off with code CYBER20
Nordstrom Sale– Save up to 40% up (a lot of reduced Zella items)
Old Navy– 40% off  with code CYBER
Target– Buy one Get one Half Off (they have some great quality active wear)
JCrew– 30% off with code MONDAY

Happy Shopping!

Motivation Monday: Run the Day [or the day will run you]

Monday morning is a great time to take a look at your schedule for the week. Of course there are standing appointments and obligations (work, class, etc.), but it’s good to take a look and see whats coming so you aren’t blind sided by an extra busy day (or 2, or 3…). Now that I’m back in school, I’ve found this to be crucial for keeping track of assignments and tests for the upcoming week.

image (3)

Here are a few tips I’ve found to help me stay organized:

  • Lay it all out- have a weekly (or monthly, like I have) calendar so you can see the week at a glance. I have a huge one on my desk and it makes life 10x easier, and for this I honestly think on paper is better
  • Have a separate weekly to-do list. There are daily must-do’s, but a weekly list (divided up) makes it easier to get those extra things done (toilet scrubbing, anyone??)
  • For the extra busy days, it helps me to plan meals and pre-prep anything like lunch or on-the-go snacks to have with me
  • Utilize your phone calendar/reminders for any unusual appointments, and have a pop-up for 10-15 minutes before (or even an hour), so you can be sure to make it on time
  • Keep a weekly/daily calendar with you– This can even be your phone calendar (but it doesn’t work if you don’t enter everything!)
  • Realistically decide which days you can get a workout in (you didn’t think I’d talk about scheduling without adding fitness in, did you??) 😉

Here’s to an organized week! Do you have any tried and true organizational tricks?? Happy Monday!



Friday Faves: 9/26

Happy Friday!! The school year is getting busy, other than that, nothing too exciting going on…Here are a few favorites from this week…

1. Questbars- my favorite will always and forever be white chocolate raspberry. yumm. The other ones are for my husband (8 for me, 4 for you…sounds fair, right?) These are the perfect snack to bring with me to class. My classes are at an awkward time in the evening, so I always end up having a late dinner, and these babies keep me full till then.

image (1)


2. Even though Fall weather has not entered Utah yet (#globalwarming) I’m still loving the start of pumpkin season. These pumpkin pancakes are TO DIE FOR.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Protein Pancakes

3. On that note…since the weather hasn’t really changed (although rain is in the forecast, so fingers crossed) I haven’t been able to pull out any of my fall stuff! And I really haven’t been able to justify buying anything for the cold weather….it will just make me sad seeing it sit in my closet. But I thought this pullover from the Gap was adorable!



4. I’m still obsessed with this sports bra [also from the gap]. I think I’m going to get it in another color. So comfy and the cut is so flattering! Gap-sportsbra


5. And finally, my Precision Nutrition books came! So excited for this nutrition certification.



What’s on your radar this week? Have a great weekend!


Friday Five- 8/29

Happy Friday! How in the world is it already Labor Day weekend?! I had an amazing summer (and I love fall) ,but I’m not ready to say goodbye to the warm weather!!

1. What I’m Reading: Still Reading Sugar Fat Salt. It’s a great read. Very interesting. It’s suddenly making sense why food marketing to children (in particular) is so persuasive- Tobacco companies own half the food industry. Also just got a notification that my hold at the library is ready- So I’ll be starting #girlboss, which I’m excited about.

#girlboss SaltSugarFat

2. Workouts: Sticking with my workout schedule. Also been getting lots of extra walking in around campus, which I love. This week so far I’ve done back/bis, HIIT, chest/tris, rest day, and this weekend I’m hoping to hit up a spin class! I also need to start doing my cardio outside while I still can.


[first pic was beginning of Aug, second pick 2 weeks later, 3rd pic was yesterday]

3. Eating: Sticking with flexible dieting and it’s working like a little charm. I’m bummed I was too stubborn to try it before, but hey! It’s working now. 🙂 I’ve noticed a lot of change in my stomach. Also noticed I’m getting stronger (thanks to my good friends, carbs). I got a bunch of Questbars to have on hand, now that school has started. These ones did not disappoint, but I think my fav is still White Chocolate Raspberry. (tip: if you don’t want to commit to one flavor of questbar, you can buy 12 at GNC and they will charge you as if it was a a box).


4. Bookmarking: I really want to try this Coconut Lime Raspberry Chia Pudding from Skinny Taste


5. Friday Finds: This broccoli from Costco was a good find this week. I love that it’s divided into steamable bags.


I haven’t tried the Zella brand yet, but this jacket is adorable! On sale this weekend at Nordstrom!



Happy 3 day weekend! I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my hubby in Park City this weekend. 🙂


My back to school must-haves

Happy Hump Day! I started classes yesterday, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites for back to school…and you don’t really have to be in school to enjoy them 😉


Longchamp Bag: Perfect size for toting the essentials (plus some extras), but it’s not so big that it gets super heavy. [back pain from heavy purses is real] Annnnd, it’s water proof aka perfect for rain/snow.

Sharpie Pens: My absolute favorite pens. So many cute colors, and they do not bleed!

Water bottle: It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re on the go. Stay hydrated!

Quest bars: The best protein bar. They taste amaaaaazing. But really any of the snacks from this post will do. (and white chocolate raspberry is my jam)

Mead Notebooks: I love the 3 and 5 subject notebooks.

Planner: i LOVE me a good planner. I picked this one up from Staples, but I really want this baby and also this…. I’m kind of obsessive about mine. I use it to plan my meals, workouts, homework (obviously), bills…I love google calendar, but there’s just something about having a paper one in front of me that helps me stay organized.

Gum: no explanation. I just love gum.

SO..what are your back to school favs?


Tried it/Loved it- Beauty Buys

This isn’t my usual type of post [I’m by no means a beauty blogger], but I always love hearing about other ladies’ tried and true products. I thought I’d share a few of mine today…



Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser: a great everyday cleanser. Works perfect with the clarisonic. Doesn’t dry out or leave skin skin feeling tight. I loved it in the winter too, when my skin is extra dry.
Clarisonic Mia: I’ve had this baby for a few years now and I use it a few times a week. I can always tell if I go too long without it. My skin loves it!
Glycolic Face Wash: I could tell a difference after one use. No joke. Use a few times a week for anti-aging/ exfoliation. Only $15 at Ulta.
Kiehls Skin Rescuer: I have a bit of redness, and my skin is kind of sensitive. This is a great moisturizer for keeping everything calm.
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: I’ve talked about this before, but it’s definitely a must have. Light coverage that can be worn alone, or with concealer and a bit of powder for a more perfected look.

What are your beauty must-haves?


A quick update…

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted! I’m in full on summer mode plus we are moving tomorrow morning (!) and I can’t wait to get into a normal routine.

I’ve been trying to keep up with workouts, but packing/moving is a workout in itself! Meals have been hit and miss as well- again due to the move. So excited to get back into our old neighborhood. We’ll be right by a lake with tons of trails. Perfect for after dinner walks and morning runs.

Excited to get back to my normal posting schedule next week! Until then, here’s a little catch-up.

photo 3

[can’t put this down. so good. Jillian is such a bad ass]


photo 1

[late night workout with my hubby]


photo 4 (1)


[more jillian, and my mile-long moving to-do list]

Happy Weekend!


On my radar….

Happy Hump Day! I just wanted to share a couple things I’ve come across this week…

1. First of all. This trailer got me all fired up. Can’t wait to watch it.



2. I’ve been scoping out office inspiration. B and I are moving into a new apartment next month and we decided to turn our second bedroom into a little office since we’ll both be in school this fall (2 months till I start grad school!). Little details like this just kill me. Fortunately my husband has excellent taste and doesn’t mind all things navy, striped, and gold. #luckywife

photo via


3. I finished up this book yesterday. It was so fascinating. I highly recommend. Will probably be doing a little review in the next few weeks. It was about habits in general, but obviously applies to fitness and nutrition. It really got me thinking about my own habits.

power of habit


4. Salads! I cannot get enough of fresh produce (especially watermelon. don’t ask me how long it took to eat a whole one…) And this little beauty has some of my absolute favs.  (via ambitious kitchen)


5. I need to get myself a one piece because they are just so darn cute. And I love anything striped so this Jcrew baby is perf.


6. Annnd after a stressful spring, B and I got some good news this week- proving once again that patience is a virtue and stressing out doesn’t make the time go by faster or easier. Go figure. When will I learn? At least I have Joyce Meyer teaching me her ways 😉


Happy Wednesday!