Recipe: Spicy Cheesy Chicken Pizza

I posted this to my Instagram (@afitgirlsguide) but thought I’d post it here too! This was such an easy and tasty dinner (and super filling). I highly recommend.

This is a super easy throw together recipe. I didn’t even measure the ingredients ūüėČ



Flat Out Wrap- (any tortilla or wrap would work)
chopped red onion
chopped red pepper
1 mozzarella cheese stick (cut in pieces)
diced/shredded chicken
small slice of pepper jack
Franks Red Hot Sauce

Top wrap with cheese, onion, pepper, and chicken. Bake at 350* for 10 minutes. Top with Franks Red Hot Sauce.



Top off your Yogurt!

Greek Yogurt cups are perfect for on-the-go protein, but sometimes I like to add a little something extra to make them more filling or an even sweeter (but still healthy) treat.

My recent favorite Chobani flavors are Coconut and Key Lime–Perfect for summer. Other favs: vanilla and blood orange. They also have their new “Simple” line that’s only 5 ingredients, I think. But if you’re really watching calories you can always use plain Greek and sweeten with Stevia or Protein Powder and your choice of toppings! If you are on the go- toss your toppings into a little baggie or container to dump on top. Easy as pie.



These 2 combos were killer!


Key-Lime Pie: Key Lime yogurt topped with a bit of granola and some dried coconut shavings



Vanilla-Berry Crunch: Vanilla Yogurt topped with raspberries and granola

* Granola can be a “faux-health food”, so be sure to look at ingredients and/or watch your portion size. I use Nature Valley Protein Granola with Chocolate. It’s not the healthiest but I only use 1-2 Tb, so not too big of a deal since a serving size is 1/2 cup (!) There are also many options in the bulk-bins at Sprouts/Whole Foods.

Similarly,¬†yogurt cups can have a surprising amount of sugar/unnecessary ingredients. Always read the labels! Don’t just shop for what’s on sale (or what you “always” get).


Do you have any favorite yogurt combos?