Circuit Workout

Happpy Friday!!! My ultimate goal this month is to work on the weekend binge-fest… #ew One great way to combat that nasty monster is getting your workout on! You won’t want to mess up your hard work after doing this workout…promise. It’s kind of a killer, but you will feel great after! Last time I did this, it was after a treadmill circuit workout, so I only did it twice (and felt like dying), but you could use this as your whole workout and repeat as many times as your little heart desires. Here we goooooo.

body-weight circuit


Have a great weekend….I will be checking in on Monday to share how I did this weekend. I already have a date with my hubby at the gym, so that’s a good start!! Have a great weekend.


Workout Playlist

My blogging schedule (and life in general) has been cray recently, but hopefully that will be a little more back to normal now!! I wanted to share my workout playlist because there is nothing that pumps me up more than some good music when I’m working out. I used Pandora foreverrr (David guetta radio mixed with Justin Timberlake is amaze), but recently switched to Spotify, which has been a game-changer.


Everyone has different workout music taste (my husband likes rock, I like hip hop/pop), but here are some songs that get me pumped when I’m lifting! I’ve also found it’s best to have a longer playlist, so if a song I’m not feeling comes on, I can skip it (vs having a playlist that’s exactly an hour).

And my cardio playlist is much more pop-y.


Motivation Monday: Plan Plan Plan

Last week was my first week back to school, and I thought I had my schedule (including workouts) all figured out. I was wrong. This week will be different. I realized that most of my workouts need to be in the morning in order for me to get them done! There’s nothing I hate more than getting home when it’s dark and cold and then realizing I still need to go workout. I’d rather stay home and snuggle with my puppy #duh.  So operation a.m. workout is underway…03b70-getbusy
I think I’m going to to PowerShred again. I had amazing results last time (and increased my squat by 50lbs). (for some reason it’s not on her site anymore, but other ebooks available here). This is the powershred workout schedule. It’s 6 days a week for 6 weeks and utilizes a combination of high and low rep for maximum results. I’m going to do all 6 days this week to get myself back on a schedule, but I think after that I may take out a day or 2 so I can go to a yoga or spin class.

Workout schedule

Monday: Chest/Triceps (low rep)
Tuesday: Back/Biceps (low rep)
Wednesday: Shoulders/legs (low rep)
Thursday: Chest/Triceps (high rep)
Friday: Back/Biceps (high rep)
Saturday: Shoulders/Legs (high rep)

I’m posting here to hold myself accountable! Time to get my butt in gear. Happy Monday! Don’t forget to schedule your workouts, lay out your gym clothes, plan your meals, and plan your workouts for greater success and better results!


Workout Wednesday: Don’t Punish Yourself!

All too often I see people in the gym chugging away on their cardio equipment looking MISERABLE. Not to say cardio is bad (I do it regularly, and I also don’t love it), but my point is, working out doesn’t have to be a horrible chore. You shouldn’t workout because you hate your body, or you think you ate too much. It’s not a punishment that has to be endured 3 or 4 or 5 times per week.



Workout Wednesday

There are SOOO many options…

  • classes: spin, yoga, pilates, barre, zumba, TRX, bootcamp, BodyPump…..
  • videos: bootcamp, pilates, yoga, circuits
  • traditional weightlifting/bodybuilding, powerlifting
  • crossfit
  • running (indoor, outdoor, distance, sprints, HIIT)
  • cycling
  • skiing/snowboarding
  • surfing
  • swimming
  • hiking
  • walking, jogging, jump-roping…

Ok my point is there are a lot of options. Exercising should be part of a healthy lifestyle- something that enhances your life, gives you a little endorphin rush, and heck- maybe something FUN. I realize that not everyone enjoys working out, but it’s so much more easy to incorporate into your life if it’s something you don’t hate….Just some food for thought on this Wednesday.

I never would have imagined I’d fall in love with weight lifting, but I am sure glad I tried it. You never know until you try. 😉


Motivation Monday: keeping up healthy habits during the holidays

Happy Monday!  A brand new week, and another week closer to Christmas. Tis the season for parties and tasty treats. While I’m all for enjoying your favorites desserts and enjoying time off relaxing with family, I think we can agree that the feeling of over indulging is less than delightful. Here are a couple tips for staying on track (so you don’t feel the need for an “overhaul” come January 1)

holiday health

  • Keep up with your workouts. Put those extra calories to work and gain some strength! I have surprisingly good strength training workouts after eating a big meal. (although it shouldn’t be surprising, because your body wants that fuel!)
  • Water water water- all those yummy holiday drinks are filled with calories! Drink your fave every now and then, but don’t fill up on a days worth of calories on liquid alone (this includes Starbucks drinks, sodas, and fancy cocktails).
  • Family fun! Try and plan family activities that don’t just revolve around big meals. Skiing & sledding are great if you’re in a snowy climate. If not, family walks, jogs, beach time, or if you’re feeling ambitious, a family 5k or 10k. My personal favorite is walking the mall 😉
  • Trial gym pass. I plan on trying this out during my vacation this Christmas. Most big gyms will do a free week pass (24 hour fitness for sure). Since I’ll be gone for 2 weeks, I’d like to get a least a couple workouts in. This is a great way to get gym access. If you’re in a hotel try hitting the pool or the treadmill for a quick workout. [Of course family time is valuable, so if it’s a short trip- don’t sweat it! Enjoy your vacay]

Check out my post from last year about navigating the food table at holiday parties.