Sunday Gratitude: These are the Good Old Days

I keep hearing this quote “These are the Good Old Days” and every time I do, it stops me in my tracks. Sometimes I get so caught up in what the future holds- jobs, school, career, moves, finances, kids, etc. that I forget to remember I’m in the good old days right now. We’re going on 3 years of marriage (this week!!!)- and these are the days.

The quiet evenings. The late(ish) netflix nights. Lazy weekends. Book reading. Gym go-ing. The graduate school apps. The hot-dates. The lazy nights in. Apartment-hopping. Studying. Job finding. Baby naming. Sunday Walks. These are the good old days. The days I will look back on and think- wow- how lucky I am to have had so much time to spend with my sweet husband in our newly-wed years. I don’t want to look back and think about how I was always stressed out. Life is full of ups and downs. It sometimes takes a rain storm to enjoy the sunshine.


Just something to think about on this Sunday evening.


May Challenge: Days 21-31

Happy June!! I stayed strong until this week–I got a nasty sunburn on Memorial day, so that Tuesday I stayed home and rested my poor, red body.  I had a migraine yesterday (#worstthingever) but I’m still proud I stuck it out this month! Here are my workouts for days 21-31.


22- packed my gym bag, but left my pants @home 😦 but got a ton of walking in on U of U campus w/ my hubby
25- long hike w/ hubby (approx 4 miles)
26- chest/shoulders/tris
27- worst sunburn ever 😦
28- cardio
29- Back/bis
30- migraine 😦
31- chest/tris/shoulders


Pretty proud of myself. I had a total of 3 complete off days, and the rest of the month I either did my planned workouts or got outside and walked or hiked. My body feels happy and healthy! Love soaking up the sun and staying active– just need to make sure I sunscreen my WHOLE body. 😉  One thing I’ve learned is it’s best to plan for 5-7 workouts per week, then if something comes up or you get sick or whatever- you still have completed or planned on a few other workouts. Just something that works for me.

Happy Saturday!


6 tips for avoiding the weekend Yo-Yo

Happy Friday! Doesn’t it just feel like summer? I am loving it….1 week til the SLC Downtown Farmer’s Market opens and I am a happy girl. Also a new Whole Foods is opening near us and I am stoked!! Since we are heading into the weekend I thought I’d share a few tips about avoiding the weekend “yo-yo”.

I think everyone has experienced the weekend yo-yo. Do you know what I mean? You eat great during the week, sticking to your plan/schedule-  then the weekend comes and you go out to eat a few times and throw down everything in sight.  Then Monday rolls around and your progress has halted (or worse, your pants don’t fit)…..Just me? Ok. Well…recently I’ve had some luck with avoiding this unfortunate conundrum. Part of that reason is that I don’t have extra moneys to be going out to eat all the time (aside from the occasional burrito bowl from chipotle. #obsessed). But those aren’t too bad anyway.

Soo0…a few tips to keep you on track during the weekend. And first let me preface this by saying in no way shape or form should food rule your life. But if you DO have goals, it helps to stay on track most of the time…..and if you throw diet/exercise out the window on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday—that’s a big chunk of your week.  (#foodforthought)



  • Eat a big healthy breakfast. This will get you started on the right foot, and hopefully keep you full for a while. If you happen to be going out for breakfast- don’t choose the pancakes. Fill up on eggs or something protein-packed to keep you full. This is most beneficial if you’re out running errands all day. The last thing you want to to is find yourself ravenously hungry 2 hours into your errand-marathon.
  • Pack snacks. Throw some bars, nuts, or fruit in your purse or car. When hunger strikes you can eat one of those- and then think realistically about the best way to find your next healthy meal. (I don’t think well on an empty stomach. I made the mistake of going to Costco while starving [and emotional]  recently and it was not pretty).
  • Schedule active weekend plans. Recently my husband and I have been going hiking on the weekends. It’s fun, burns calories, and makes me not want to ruin my hard work with a burger when I’m done. This time of year there are so many fun things to do! Take advantage of that warm weather.
  • Workout on the Weekend: even if your activities aren’t getting you any physical activity (actually especially if they aren’t) go to the gym. It will help you feel like you’re sticking to your routine, and Saturday Morning gym classes are so fun. I think that’s the best time of week for the most variety in a given time slot at the gym. [yoga, spin, zumba, etc.]  This is the same idea as above- you won’t want to ruin your hard work after busting your a$$ in the gym. Just don’t twist this and say “now i deserve a sundae” Don’t ever ‘reward’ yourself with food!
  • Schedule your cheat meal on the weekend. If you are a person who participates in scheduled cheat meals- do it on the weekend. The idea that you can hold off on (x,y,z) now because you are eating a burger the size of your face tonight will help you limit other temptations. I have mixed feelings about the cheat meal (leading to binging behaviors, etc) but I do think it’s a good way to practice prolonging desire. Just make sure when the meal is over, you’re back on track!
  • Water. Stay Hydrated!! I have found that I drink less water on the weekends because I’m not on my usual schedule- go figure. Staying hydrated will help you determine hunger vs thirst. Also- when you do go out, it’s always a million times better to choose water than soda. I’m for sure guilty of the occasional diet coke (moderation, etc etc) but water is the best choice always and forever!

Now AGAIN, this is not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, have fun with friends, etc. etc. Life shouldn’t be ruled by food choices. Moderation is the best policy. (and keeps me happiest come Monday morning…) But it’s also no fun to wake up and say, now why did I eat the whole city this weekend…..? Hard work and moderation = long term happiness. I personally think the 80/20 rule is the way to go.

SO. How do YOU keep the yo-yoing to a minimum on the weekends?


Happy weekend!



May Challenge: Days 1-10

The May Challenge is still going strong! Today I’m super sore, but I’m still at it. Here are my workouts from days 1-10

1. shoulders/ abs

2. biceps/ triceps

3. 4 mile hike/ jog

4. Sunday walk around the neighborhood

5. back/biceps

6. spin class

7.  shoulders

8. chest/ triceps

9. legs

10. Youtube yoga/ stretching [ I was planning on a long hike, but it rained 😦 ]


Hopefully I can get a hike in tomorrow. Happy Mother’s Day weekend!


Easiest Protein Pancakes Ever…

I saw this tip on Instagram, and thought I’d give it a try. Original “recipe” called for a bit almond flour, but I left it out and the 2 ingredient Protein Pancake was delish! I also tried it with an added 1/2 banana and that was amazing as well…but 2 or 3 ingredients in a recipe? Can’t go wrong! 


3 egg whites + 1 scoop chocolate protein 


3 egg whites+ 1 scoop protein + 1/2 banana, mashed


I whipped the egg whites with a fork then added the banana/protein. So easy! Melted a bit of coconut oil in the pan, and when it was done I topped with a bit of PB2 and some berries.

Keep in mind depending on the brand of protein you use, the scoop will be a different size. NLA for her serving size is actually 2 scoops, so this was half a serving. Just add more egg whites/protein to reach your desired consistency. My batter was pretty wet, but it puffed up nicely,



Weekend Faves

This past weekend was pretty laid back. We had a few errands to run, as it was our last weekend before going out of town. I indulged in 2 of my favorites! Chipotle and Menchies…so good!

On Saturday night we hit the gym. It was so quiet!

Sunday was perfect. After church we had a Sunday nap, I made a yummy dinner, we took a walk, facetimed with my family, and I made some delicious blueberry bread. All of my favorite Sunday activities 🙂

sauteed grape tomatoes, red peppers, and kale with olive oil and garlic. Panko breaded tilapia, and garlic brown rice/quinoa. Yum! 

Happy Tuesday!