Labor Day Sales: Fit Fashion

There’s so many good sales going on this weekend! I found some great fitness stuff that is perfect for the changing seasons.


top row:
gapfit breathe striped crew neck
zella jacket (was on sale during the nsale and I think I need to grab one this time!!)
yoga tank

bottom row:
ON leggings
gapfit crops
lulu bag (not on sale, but I’m obsessed!!!)

Gap: extra 40% off
Old Navy: up to 60% off
Athleta: free shipping over $50
There’s a ton of mark downs at Nordstrom

Have a great long weekend!



Nordstrom Sale: fitness picks

The best sale of the year is here…the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. A million bloggers are picking their fall faves, but true to form- I’m focusing on the fitness outfits! There are some GREAT finds this year, including multiple pairs of nikes (!) …. check it out!

nsale-fit-picksThe tops:

The bottoms:

The shoes:

Happy shopping and have a great weekend!
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Summer Bucket List

I feel like I’ve been in summer mode since the beginning of June when the rain finally stopped here in Utah, but technically it’s only been summer for a few days…which means we still have months of warm summer nights. Summer is my spirit season. I LIVE for that warm sun on my body. I think it’s the California girl in me. I’ve already had some summer fun with my recent trip to CA, but I want to make the most out of the next couple of months! (esp since I’m back to school come August…)


So here’s my summer bucket list:

  • farmers market saturdays + fresh summer produce
  • cool morning//evening summer run (when the temp is 100% perfection)
  • outdoor concert. I’m thinking I’ll need to make it to this beautiful venue, but if all else fails–there are concerts down the street from me on some¬†weekends!
  • POOL TIME [w/SPF obviously]
  • bonfire+s’mores (bonus points if it’s at the beach)
  • Make this skinny lemonade!

What’s on your summer bucket list??


Circuit Workout

Happpy Friday!!! My ultimate goal this month is to work on the weekend binge-fest… #ew One great way to combat that nasty monster is getting your workout on! You won’t want to mess up your hard work after doing this workout…promise. It’s kind of a killer, but you will feel great after! Last time I did this, it was after a treadmill circuit workout, so I only did it twice (and felt like dying), but you could use this as your whole workout and repeat as many times as your little heart desires. Here we goooooo.

body-weight circuit


Have a great weekend….I will be checking in on Monday to share how I did this weekend. I already have a date with my hubby at the gym, so that’s a good start!! Have a great weekend.


On my radar…

Happy Friday! It’s daylight savings this weekend and that lost hour of sleep is SO worth that extra hour of daylight! Here are a few things on my radar form this week…

This article from Precision Nutrition…interesting read on willpower

Nicole from Pumps & Iron posted this delish acai bowl recipe this morning, and it’s been on my mind ever since! I LOVE acai bowls, and I need to learn to make them at home!
related: Good Mood Food via Into the Gloss


I finally picked up these Lulu crops thanks to a bday giftcard from my mom…here’s a little fitting room selfie ūüėČ And my booty is growing even bigger thanks to squats #sorrynotsorry


Not fitness related:
Rach is killing it with her pregnancy fashion- island style
Spring cleaning/redecorationg/freshening up is on my mind…so I’ve been spending a lot of time over here

and of course walks with my boy….can’t wait for springtime hikes!



Have a great weekend!


Favorite Posts…

I was perusing my archives and thought I would re-share some of my favorite posts just in case you’re in a blog-reading mood this weekend. Happy Friday!


Why I won’t be doing a Juice Cleanse anytime soon (or ever)
Tips for beating the January blues 
Why I lift weights
Why I meal prep
Inexpensive workout clothes
Avoiding weekend weight-gain
A few reasons to try group fitness classes
A¬†few tips if you just joined a gym (or it’s been a while since you’ve been there)


Happy Halloween!

We are officially entering the holiday season (revolving mostly around food..haha)

cute printable via

Just a little reminder that there will always be more candy! No need to stuff yourself until you are sick. But if all else fails, candy makes a great pre-workout ūüėČ Enjoy a few ¬†pieces and get rid of the rest, or tell yourself there will be more to eat tomorrow!! This can be difficult if you have kiddos- my advice would be to hide it on a top shelf, and give them 1 or 2 pieces a day for a couple days (or whatever you think is appropriate). Out of site, out of mind!

Happy Halloween!


Friday Five: 9/19

It was a good week. I got all signed up for my Precision Nutrition certification class, and today is the day I get my iphone 6! Hallelujah! First new phone in 3(!) years…the only thing I’m sad about is saying goodbye to the unlimited data plan I’ve been milking since my contract was up a year and a half ago. Oh well. Can’t wait to get my phone!

1. What I’m reading: Other than textbooks, I finished #Girlboss this week, and I’m almost done with Salt Sugar Fat. Both are such good reads.
Links from the web:
Career Advice via Cup of Jo
Reasons to toss the scale
This made me sad

2. What I’m watching… Um season 3 of New Girl is on Netflix! Holla. And for your enjoyment…

3. Workouts…going to start one of these babies next week. I think I’m going to start with Powershred. On anthother note, sadly due to an unfortunate incident involving my foot, it’s painful for me to cardio. But it’s also a million degrees outside so I’m not that sad about it. #sorrynotsorry But here’s a progress pic ūüėČ

photo (3)

4. What I’m eating….pretty boring lately. Let’s talk about what I want to be eating this weekend. Pizza. The answer is pizza. I think I’m going to pick up some dough from Whole Foods, and make some pizzas at home (so I can eat it in my pajamas, obvi). Pizza recipe.


5. Friday Finds: Synergy Cranberry Kombucha is amaze. I tried it this week and I love it. Also Peanut Butter Puffins¬†(which you can aparently buy on Amazon, so that’s cool)¬†. They aren’t new to me I just love them. I also really want one of these shirts from Gap, but as previously mentioned it’s HOT outside, so I’ll probably wait a while.



Happy weekend! I’m praying the Fall weather is coming soon!


Friday Five: 8/22

How in the world is it the end of August? School starts NEXT WEEK. So crazy. Summer always flies by for me. I am really excited for lots of new school supplies and clothes though (aren’t I always?) But if the farmer’s markets and warm evenings could stick around that would be great…

1. What I’m Reading: Just picked up Salt Sugar Fat at the library. So far it’s interesting. I’m always intrigued by how the government plays a role in health (tobacco, sugar & corn industries, etc), so I’m excited to dig into this one.



A few articles I liked this week:
13 surprising things about parenting in Turkey – a Cup of Jo. I love this series.
Jenna Lyons -beauty routine РInto the Gloss #girlcrush for sure
Asking for what you want РDesign Sponge

2.¬†Working Out: sticking with my lifting schedule, but I’ve been adding more cardio back in. I go through phases where I love to do HIIT. So while I love it, I do it haha. Schedule this week was Mon: cardio, Tues: back/bis Wed: cardio Th: chest/shoulders/tris and I plan on hitting legs and one more cardio sesh this weekend. Getting as many workouts as I can in before school starts!


3. Eating. Following IIFYM pretty diligently. Obsessing over eggs EVERYDAY. I seriously had an omlet¬†with onions, peppers, and tomatoes¬†for Breakfast and AGAIN Dinner yesterday. #whatiswrongiwthme I’ve always been obsessive about food- when I find something I love, I eat it everyday til I’m sick of it.

4. Bookmarking: Looking for some new dinner recipes to add to the rotation. I feel like I’m in a huge rut. I’m intrigued by the “zoodles” trend, and feel like I need a spiralizer in my life. And of course SkinnyTaste never fails to disappoint. Kung Pao Chicken Zoodles¬†sounds perfect.


5. Friday Finds: These workout tops from Gap are SO good. Revealing a sexy back and shoulders and super flattering in front. Highly recommend. I picked up a white and the coral during Gaps Friends &¬†Family sale a couple weeks ago. Their workout gear is such great quality, and their sales are frequent, so it’s easy to get it cheaper.


Also this guac from Costco is great. Easy on the Macros and delish! I love Costco. And portion control guac is exactly what I need haha #letsbehonest



Happy Weekend! I hope your school year starts with all the fresh school supplies you could ever dream of.