Labor Day Sales: Fit Fashion

There’s so many good sales going on this weekend! I found some great fitness stuff that is perfect for the changing seasons.


top row:
gapfit breathe striped crew neck
zella jacket (was on sale during the nsale and I think I need to grab one this time!!)
yoga tank

bottom row:
ON leggings
gapfit crops
lulu bag (not on sale, but I’m obsessed!!!)

Gap: extra 40% off
Old Navy: up to 60% off
Athleta: free shipping over $50
There’s a ton of mark downs at Nordstrom

Have a great long weekend!



workout-wear faves: updated

I have tried a lot of different brands and styles of workout clothes in the past few years. Everything from $12 sports bras at Nordstrom Rack to $$ crops from Lulu. I’ve found that crops are always worth splurging on, but tanks can be inexpensive and still last a while. Here are my current faves!

Favorite tanks: the GapFit Motion Tank. The material feels expensive and washes up nicely. I wash on cold and hang dry and they have held up so well! Even better: the orange is currently on sale!


Favorite Crops: These are a splurge! I got them with a bday giftcard (thanks mom!) and they are so worth the $$$. Some cheaper crops are okay for some workouts, but I like the good quality ones for cardio and leg workouts.  The in the flow crop is my current fave.



Other favorites: The define jacket have it in gray stripe (no longer available), but I want the black. Fits great, and perfect for cool mornings, and gray layering piece in the winter. 



Favorite Sports bras:

This inexpensive target find is so comfy!  I also am in love with this cute gap bra. It’s $40, but Gap has frequent sales. I never splurge on sports bras, but for larger chested ladies, this is an area worth splurging in!

What are your workout must-haves? Where do you shop for workout clothes at?? Have a great weekend!


Motivation Monday: My happy place

Happy Monday! I took an extend break from the blog (not really on purpose) over spring break/last week. Spring break was SO nice, but for some reason when I got back I felt super tired/lazy. WHAT?! Aren’t trips supposed to leave you feeling refreshed and awesome?! Anyway…I blame school, allergies, and….laziness I suppose. Now for a little spring break re-cap….

I went to so-cal to meet up with some old friends and see my family. It was delightful….and this was my view flying in. Heaven.

more heaven…

more heaven… 😉

froyooh and the most delightful acai bowl by the beach. heaven…and a little more heaven…

Since I sadly can’t be on vacay//in california 24/7, I started thinking about the little things that make a big difference for me…aka things that bring me to my happy place.

  • fresh flowers
  • pink pedicure
  • clean sheets
  • snuggles with my hubby and pup
  • candles burning
  • good workout tunes
  • fresh air//sunshine
  • clean&organized home/desk/purse
  • an intense workout
  • fresh gel mani
  • retail therapy
  • walking my dog on a sunny day

I realized that often we focus on the big trips/events/vacations to bring us to our happy place, but in reality, our quality of life could be better if we focused on a few small things more often. Here’s to finding your happy this week!


Workout Wednesday: Don’t Punish Yourself!

All too often I see people in the gym chugging away on their cardio equipment looking MISERABLE. Not to say cardio is bad (I do it regularly, and I also don’t love it), but my point is, working out doesn’t have to be a horrible chore. You shouldn’t workout because you hate your body, or you think you ate too much. It’s not a punishment that has to be endured 3 or 4 or 5 times per week.



Workout Wednesday

There are SOOO many options…

  • classes: spin, yoga, pilates, barre, zumba, TRX, bootcamp, BodyPump…..
  • videos: bootcamp, pilates, yoga, circuits
  • traditional weightlifting/bodybuilding, powerlifting
  • crossfit
  • running (indoor, outdoor, distance, sprints, HIIT)
  • cycling
  • skiing/snowboarding
  • surfing
  • swimming
  • hiking
  • walking, jogging, jump-roping…

Ok my point is there are a lot of options. Exercising should be part of a healthy lifestyle- something that enhances your life, gives you a little endorphin rush, and heck- maybe something FUN. I realize that not everyone enjoys working out, but it’s so much more easy to incorporate into your life if it’s something you don’t hate….Just some food for thought on this Wednesday.

I never would have imagined I’d fall in love with weight lifting, but I am sure glad I tried it. You never know until you try. 😉


Motivation Monday: Why group fitness is a good idea

Happy Monday! Let me start by saying I LOVE a solo lifting sesh. Lovve it. It’s my meditation. My therapy. I feel so beautiful but also like a bad ass and that feeling alone is amazing. BUT. Sometimes I just can’t kick my own tush hard enough. Here are a few reasons to go to group fitness classes.



1. Sometimes I need an instructor to yell and push and encourage me. When someone else is yelling for you to PUSH HARDER it’s easier to actually PUSH HARDER. Sometimes the voice in my head doesn’t yell quite loud enough.

2. Switch it up. Our bodies are amazing and get used to the same old routine. Classes are always changing. Even the spin class I love to go to is always a change between focus on hills or sprints. It keeps the body guessing and progressing.

3. That music is cray. I don’t know where these instructors find this shiz, but the music pumps me up. (and for the record I use a pretty kick ass Pandora station- a mix between Skrillex- David Guetta- Justin Tumberlake- Girltalk– so it’s not like I’m working out to top 40….)

4. A little competition never hurt anyone. Seeing other people next to me try and push through the same workout gets me pumped to work harder and push myself. That’s kind of a theme here. Every once in a while I’ll let myself off easy in a cardio or lifting workout. That doesn’t happen when I’m competing with people next to me. 😉

5. A little bit longer…..classes are 6o minutes which means you are moving for 60 minutes. No getting out of it. No lollygagging. No trips to the bathroom. Longer workout = more calories burned.


What are your favorite classes to attend? Do you find it helpful to incorporate group fitness into your workout routine?



Back from vacay…

I’m baaack. I spent 10 days with my family in SoCal and it was wonderful. The kids I nanny for went on vacation for 2 weeks, so I had some time off and figured I’d take advantage! I hung out with my mom and brothers, went to the fair, the beach, swam in their pool, and ate and ate and ate some more. SO MUCH SUGAR. Vacation indulgences are the best. And now that i’m home, I’m craving the healthy stuff. Excited to start juicing again! My fridge is looking pretty sparce, so I’m doing some meal planning too…I’m in a bit of a rut, so I’m excited to find some new recipes.

Now that I’m back I’m ready to get back to my workouts though. Definitely missed the gym. I did some blogilates videos yesterday, but I can’t wait to get back in the weight room!

Happy Thursday!


The Friday Five- May 16

Happy Friday! Can you believe we are half way through may? Crazytown. That also means we’re almost half way through 2014…what?!


1. What I’m reading:
An interesting NY Times Op-Ed on the huge problems coming from our  insane salt intake
A fun post about Family Vacations from A CUP OF JO
And 2 sweet Mother’s Day Posts by the Hollywood Housewife and Hey Natalie Jean

…I’m hoping to hit the library soon and pick up some ACTUAL BOOKS 😉


2. Listening to:

I love this song. I know it plays like, 100 times a day on the radio, but I don’t mind at all. My husband sings it to me in the car and he sounds like an angel. 😉

Also listening to the best Pandora station for working out EVER. Which is David Guetta radio + Justin Timberlake + girltalk for variety. Upbeat perfection.


3. Eating:
I cannot get enough of these protein pancakes I posted about. (so much so that I ate all of the protein powder we had in the house…which was a lot….sad.) We also bought our first corn on the cob of the season which was so insanely satisfying. SUMMER IS COMING! amiright?!


4. Bookmarking. Salads. I cannot stop pinning salad recipes. Apparently I’m ready for some yummy, fresh produce! How good does this look? I’ve never thought of putting watermelon in salad, but I can’t wait to try it!



5. Looking forward to: A warm weekend! After a stressful week worrying about my family in the SoCal fires, I’m ready to get out and soak up some vitamin D. Also, the count down is on for the SLC summer Farmer’s Markets…less than a month! Annnnnd…my 3 year anniversary is next month. No plans so far, but still exciting 🙂


What are YOU looking forward to? Any good book recommendations?

Happy Weekend!