Motivation Monday: Consistency

Happy Monday! We had a nice laid back weekend with the pup….worked out, ate Chipotle, and froyo… aka all my favorite things 😉

I saw this quote on good old Pinterest and wanted to share….Consistency is KEY with health/fitness/diet/exercise. Give yourself a chance to be successful. It’s rough at first (I KNOW…trust me), but set short term goals…1 or 2 weeks at a time even. Yo-yo-ing for the rest of your life will NOT bring results. I didn’t start seeing consistent progress, until I regularly worked out, and was making sure I was eating enough [slash not too much;)]….and of course this applies to all areas of life.



Trust yourself. Give yourself a chance to succeed. Have a great week!


Thinking Pink for Vday

I’m all about the pink and sparkly goodies this time of year…and always haha.  My husband isn’t really a fan of vday, but I don’t think anything tastes better than chocolate wrapped in shiny pink foil 🙂 There’s also nothing better than pink workout gear. Here are a few finds I wouldn’t mind….

Vday fitness1



 [um how cute is that water bottle?!]
Happy Monday! I hope your week is filled with lots of pink and great workouts of course 😉



A little reminder….

I’m reposting this infographic from Greatist because it’s a great reminder that we are who we are….and we can’t all be the she shape that society deems “perfect” for the decade…if you have super long legs and are super thin, you won’t be next years big-booty babe. It just can’t happen. Moral of the story: shake what your mama gave ya! We are all unique and, and I personally will never have long thin legs. I’m short and have curvy thighs and booty, but that’s okay…i’m coming to terms with it atleast 😉 !  Happy hump day ❤


BodyImage_1 BodyImage2 BodyImage3 BodyImage4BodyImage5BodyImage6BodyImage7 BodyImage8 BodyImage9 BodyImage10 BodyImage11signature

Motivation Monday: Are you sticking with your New Years goals??

It’s almost February and this is the time that people start losing interest or motivation in sticking with their New Years goals or resolutions….are you one of them? If so, think about what it is that you REALLY want….and then read this post about the most important question to ask yourself when setting goals. But most importantly, if something is important to YOU, then you owe it to yourself to push!


Making changes is hard. But that’s okay! It’s hard in every aspect of life…making financial changes, business changes, relationship changes, and of course health and fitness changes. I was talking to an older gentleman at our gym last week with my husband, and he said to us “if it was easy then everyone would do it”. And more often then not, if it’s difficult and if it pushes you…it’s worth it.

If you need to re-think or adjust some goals, that’s okay…but don’t give up!! Remember- if it was easy, everyone would  be doing it.

Have a great week!


Motivation Monday: Plan Plan Plan

Last week was my first week back to school, and I thought I had my schedule (including workouts) all figured out. I was wrong. This week will be different. I realized that most of my workouts need to be in the morning in order for me to get them done! There’s nothing I hate more than getting home when it’s dark and cold and then realizing I still need to go workout. I’d rather stay home and snuggle with my puppy #duh.  So operation a.m. workout is underway…03b70-getbusy
I think I’m going to to PowerShred again. I had amazing results last time (and increased my squat by 50lbs). (for some reason it’s not on her site anymore, but other ebooks available here). This is the powershred workout schedule. It’s 6 days a week for 6 weeks and utilizes a combination of high and low rep for maximum results. I’m going to do all 6 days this week to get myself back on a schedule, but I think after that I may take out a day or 2 so I can go to a yoga or spin class.

Workout schedule

Monday: Chest/Triceps (low rep)
Tuesday: Back/Biceps (low rep)
Wednesday: Shoulders/legs (low rep)
Thursday: Chest/Triceps (high rep)
Friday: Back/Biceps (high rep)
Saturday: Shoulders/Legs (high rep)

I’m posting here to hold myself accountable! Time to get my butt in gear. Happy Monday! Don’t forget to schedule your workouts, lay out your gym clothes, plan your meals, and plan your workouts for greater success and better results!


Motivation Monday: Gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving…

A little note to myself to remind me that I am more than the shape or appearance of by body.

thankful heart

Dear Cassie,
Remember to thank your body! It allows you to LIVE…experience the beautiful smells of the fall candles you love. Your body gets you up in the morning to go to work, school, & take care of your family. Your legs let you walk through Costco, the mall, hiking trails, up stairs, chase toddlers. They let you RUN! And run some more on the treadmill.  And squat a lot of weight. They are strong. Your arms squeeze your husband tightly. They hold babies and carry groceries. Lots of groceries. And lift a lot of weights. Those hands put so much work into typing papers and cooking dinner. The heart that feels so much love, and the mind that got you into grad school. Remember to thank your body. All of it. REALLY appreciate all it does for you, and for others too. It’s beautiful and it’s strong.


Motivation Monday: a productive mindset

I got a ton done this weekend (cleaning, homework, workouts, etc) and I was thinking to myself what was different about this weekend vs other times when I’m unproductive. Of course I don’t expect every weekend to be super productive, but there are times it’s necessary.

unknown source- found on pinterest


So what was different this time? I didn’t give my self a choice. I just got up and worked. I realized that the times I’m in the “I have so much to get done” mentality, I actually don’t get much done.

So this week, instead of thinking I have so much to do before Thanksgiving or before finals or whatever, just GET TO WORK. One task at a time, telling yourself “of course you will get everything done”. You always do.

Happy Monday!


Motivation Monday: Don’t wait for January 1! Set goals NOW

So there is about 2 months until the new year, and I am sooooo excited for the holiday season. But I also get a little anxiety this time of year about [over] stuffing my little cheeks, especialllly while on vacay. I thought I would put together a little plan for myself to help me stay on track! I remember last year it was really hard for me to keep up  because I was doing a lifting program and didn’t have access to a gym while I was on vacation for 2 weeks. I’ve learned the error of my ways and plan on increasing my HIIT cardio while I’m out of town.




Of course I’ll be indulging in my Thanksgiving and Christmas favs (hello pumpkin pie). But I also want to track my protein intake to make sure I’m staying on top of that. While I’m home I’ll still track my macs the best I can, but on vacation I want to make sure I’m keeping up with protein and I’ll just let the rest fall where it may.

One other thing to mention is that there is absolutely so excuse for going HAM and eating every tasty thing in sight for the next 2 months and then thinking “I’ll just start in January”. For two reasons. 1) this brings an unhealthy binge mentality, followed by severe restricting which is not helpful or healthy in any way. 2) severe restricting come January 1 is not long lasting. You will have better results if you tweak a few things now (for example, focus on adding in a bit of exercise and drinking more water), then add something else come the New Year (more veggies, more intense workout plan, macro counting, etc)….

Food is the focus of a lot (or most) holiday gatherings. That’s just how it is. Remember to try and have some balance- eat your favorite dessert, but don’t eat the fatty sides that you don’t even really like. Enjoy and indulge a bit, but eat those veggies too 😉 It’s all about balance, and life is too short to avoid gatherings in order to avoid tempting (and delicious) foods.

Do you have any action plan for the upcoming Holiday Season? It’s best to decide now so you aren’t overwhelmed when the first holiday parties start cropping up!



Workout Wednesday: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

After my mini-vacation the other weekend, I was bit by the lazy bug. All I wanted was to lay around, watch netflix, and eat junk. Which is fine, but I also like feeling accomplished and getting shit done….last week,  shit did not get done….In my defense it was Fall Break, but I only worked out 3 times when I obviously had time to do more. I don’t know what happened, but I fell off the horse for a sec. 


Then I thought to myself…remember when my GOAL was to workout 3 times a week…and now it’s double that…? I gave myself a little grace, because hey- I’ve come a long way…but now I’m back in business.


But that whole situation got me thinking…when is it okay to say “yes. you need a break” and when do we push ourselves a little further. It’s obviously a personal decision, but it’s got me thinking about laziness. At this point in my life I have a bit on my plate (who doesn’t?), and a few new things added recently. I won’t go into the “I’m so busy” song and dance [because ew], but really I want to be spending my time doing things that are helping me succeed. Using my time wisely. Pushing toward my goals. Period. Part of that success is personal success, and for me that includes working out and feeling healthy and strong. The best me possible.

So…next time you are thinking about sleeping in and skipping your a.m. workout…think. Do I REALLY need a break? Are there people counting on me? Will I feel disappointed in myself if I don’t do this? And it honestly applies to anything in life. Not just fitness. Your body will tell you if you truly  need a break, and your heart will tell you if you need to suck it up and work.

Taking a Break

While I totally believe it’s important to push yourself, sometimes it’s just time to let yourself rest.


I spent this past weekend relaxing in Park City with my husband and in-laws and it felt so good to have a little break from tracking calories and working out. I spent time in the mountain air doing my favorite things- eating yummy food, shopping, spending time with family, and snuggling up by the fire watching TV. It’s always better to take a couple days than to burn yourself out…

But for some reason I’m having a hard time jumping back into my workouts. I think there’s a hard balance between feeling rested and enjoying “vacation mode” a little too much… To be honest, I still haven’t worked out today! But I’m hitting my macros so I’ll call that a win.

Sometimes our bodies need to rest, but sometimes we just feel lazy. And that’s just being human. Strength comes from getting up and pushing through, and not letting a weekend turn into a bad week, and then month…’s too easy to lose progress that way…

Have a great week!