Gift Guide Part II: Stocking Stuffers

Happy Friday! Tis the season for shopping 😉  I thought I’d share a few more goodies that would make great little stocking stuffers for the active ladies in your life.

Stocking Stuffers

1. a travel sized body spray for the gym bag
2. hot pink arm band 
3. you can never have enough ear buds
4. headband 
5. comfy sports bra
6. cheeky water bottle

Have a great weekend!!


Gift Guide: for the fit girl

Two shopping posts in one week 😉 If you know a fit chick (doesn’t matter if she loves yoga, zumba, lifing, crossfit, whatever…) she will probably appreciate some new gear. Here are some great options that I would love to see under the tree!
Gift Guide


1. Metallic Nike bag
2. Glass Water Bottle
3. Perfect little hoodie for layering
4.  because you can never go wrong with stripes
5. a super soft tank
6. a bright pair of leggings
7. Another cute gym bag option
8. a fresh pair of nikes

annnd the lulu jacket she’ll never buy for herself 😉

Happy Christmas Shopping! What is on your list this year??


Cyber Monday Fitness Finds

Hope your Thanksgiving was amaze…I know mine was. I ate pumpkin pie till my heart was content, hung out with my family, and shopped till I dropped. Today I thought I’d share a few Cyber Monday goodies….



1. Gap Motion Tee
2. Gap Sports Bra
3. Heathered Capris
4. Athleta Tank
5. Mesh Leggings via Nordstrom

Gap– 40% with code CYBER
Athleta– 20% off with code CYBER20
Nordstrom Sale– Save up to 40% up (a lot of reduced Zella items)
Old Navy– 40% off  with code CYBER
Target– Buy one Get one Half Off (they have some great quality active wear)
JCrew– 30% off with code MONDAY

Happy Shopping!

My Gym Bag Essentials: baby it’s cold…

Cold weather has officially hit SLC, and man it’s chilly out there! Especially in the mornings. I’ve had to revamp my workout gear, because a little jacket isn’t enough to run through the gym parking lot without freezing my tush off. I haven’t done a gym bag post in a while, so I thought I’d share what I’m loving.

Winter Essentials

Half-zip: Layers are key. I’ll usually layer a light jacket like this under my gigantic Lands End Parka….

Favorite sports bra: I LOVE this gap sports bra. I definitely plan on picking up some more come Black Friday 😉

Favorite head phones: I have the Beats Solos and I love them. They honestly get me super pumped when I’m working out. I actually got these for my hubby for Christmas last year, but they were too small for his ears so they are mine now 😉 So FYI- if you’re shopping for a man, they might need the bigger ones. [another Black Friday note, per Target’s BF preview, they’ll have these for $99 I believe]

Leggings: I got these lined leggings on a whim at Costco for $16.99 and I am in LOVE. So freaking warm. I usually wear these full length fleece lined leggings into the gym, then change into my normal lulus or gap or whatever leggings. Keeps my legs warm, but I don’t want them dripping in sweat while I workout. Then I can change back if I need to after. Proof that leggings less that $100 can be awesome! (I’m looking at you Lululemon) But For some reason I still want these damn wunder unders….

Uggs: yes, you read that right. I wear uggs into the gym and change when I get there. 20 degrees is no joke.

Gym Bag: I’m still using the one from this post, but I reealllly want this lulu bag. 😉

facial wipes– these Costco ones are my new fave.

What are your gym bag must-haves? Anything you can’t live without?
Happy Hump Day!!


Friday Faves: 9/26

Happy Friday!! The school year is getting busy, other than that, nothing too exciting going on…Here are a few favorites from this week…

1. Questbars- my favorite will always and forever be white chocolate raspberry. yumm. The other ones are for my husband (8 for me, 4 for you…sounds fair, right?) These are the perfect snack to bring with me to class. My classes are at an awkward time in the evening, so I always end up having a late dinner, and these babies keep me full till then.

image (1)


2. Even though Fall weather has not entered Utah yet (#globalwarming) I’m still loving the start of pumpkin season. These pumpkin pancakes are TO DIE FOR.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Protein Pancakes

3. On that note…since the weather hasn’t really changed (although rain is in the forecast, so fingers crossed) I haven’t been able to pull out any of my fall stuff! And I really haven’t been able to justify buying anything for the cold weather….it will just make me sad seeing it sit in my closet. But I thought this pullover from the Gap was adorable!



4. I’m still obsessed with this sports bra [also from the gap]. I think I’m going to get it in another color. So comfy and the cut is so flattering! Gap-sportsbra


5. And finally, my Precision Nutrition books came! So excited for this nutrition certification.



What’s on your radar this week? Have a great weekend!


Friday Faves: Fall Workout Wear

Happy Friday! Now that it’s September, the weather is changing a bit- cooler mornings and evenings (which I don’t mind at all). Perfect workout weather… So if you need some motivation to get your sweat on, what’s better than new workout gear?! 😉  I thought I’d share some recent faves from the Gap. Their workout gear is amazing quality and super comfy! I hit a great sale last weekend for Labor Day and picked up a few things (but their sales are frequent, so don’t worry). Here are a few more on my wish list.

Friday Faves- Fall Fitness


Sports Bra: This is one of the items I picked up and I love it! Such a cute design, and a great fit.
Motion Tank: These are the softest material- they feel like the Lulu Tanks, but half the price! I haven’t bought one yet, but I plan to soon. They also make long-sleeved shirts in the same material, which will be great for winter.
Jacket: Looks so warm and comfy! Perfect for wearing to the gym for an early morning workout.
Leggings: I have the capri version of these and they are so comfortable and flattering. I love this color for fall.
Striped Tee: I picked up a neon version (sans stripes) on super sale and it is such great quality. I don’t usually like short sleeves when I work out, but this was super breathable. So now I want it with stripes, naturally 😉
Stripe-Waist Capris: Again, these remind  me of Lulu crops, but way cheaper! So cute!

Have a great weekend!


Friday Five- 8/29

Happy Friday! How in the world is it already Labor Day weekend?! I had an amazing summer (and I love fall) ,but I’m not ready to say goodbye to the warm weather!!

1. What I’m Reading: Still Reading Sugar Fat Salt. It’s a great read. Very interesting. It’s suddenly making sense why food marketing to children (in particular) is so persuasive- Tobacco companies own half the food industry. Also just got a notification that my hold at the library is ready- So I’ll be starting #girlboss, which I’m excited about.

#girlboss SaltSugarFat

2. Workouts: Sticking with my workout schedule. Also been getting lots of extra walking in around campus, which I love. This week so far I’ve done back/bis, HIIT, chest/tris, rest day, and this weekend I’m hoping to hit up a spin class! I also need to start doing my cardio outside while I still can.


[first pic was beginning of Aug, second pick 2 weeks later, 3rd pic was yesterday]

3. Eating: Sticking with flexible dieting and it’s working like a little charm. I’m bummed I was too stubborn to try it before, but hey! It’s working now. 🙂 I’ve noticed a lot of change in my stomach. Also noticed I’m getting stronger (thanks to my good friends, carbs). I got a bunch of Questbars to have on hand, now that school has started. These ones did not disappoint, but I think my fav is still White Chocolate Raspberry. (tip: if you don’t want to commit to one flavor of questbar, you can buy 12 at GNC and they will charge you as if it was a a box).


4. Bookmarking: I really want to try this Coconut Lime Raspberry Chia Pudding from Skinny Taste


5. Friday Finds: This broccoli from Costco was a good find this week. I love that it’s divided into steamable bags.


I haven’t tried the Zella brand yet, but this jacket is adorable! On sale this weekend at Nordstrom!



Happy 3 day weekend! I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with my hubby in Park City this weekend. 🙂