Friday Faves: Spring workout wear

Happy Friday! Longer days//more sun light has made me SO happy this week . I have spring on my mind, so I thought I’d share a few cute fitness picks…but first- a couple articles I LOVED this week.

A-Ha Moments: 12 Fit Pros Share Their Nutrition Strategies For Long Term Success via girls gone strong
14 reasons women should never lift weights (lol)– a funny buzzfeed article
What’s your best body fat– an honest look at the hazards of being too lean or too heavy

And now for some cute and springy clothing…. [I would like one of each pleeease]



p.s. Gap is having Friends and Family right now…aka insane deals on basic sports bras, crops, and tanks.

Have a great weekend!


On my radar…

Happy Friday! It’s daylight savings this weekend and that lost hour of sleep is SO worth that extra hour of daylight! Here are a few things on my radar form this week…

This article from Precision Nutrition…interesting read on willpower

Nicole from Pumps & Iron posted this delish acai bowl recipe this morning, and it’s been on my mind ever since! I LOVE acai bowls, and I need to learn to make them at home!
related: Good Mood Food via Into the Gloss


I finally picked up these Lulu crops thanks to a bday giftcard from my mom…here’s a little fitting room selfie 😉 And my booty is growing even bigger thanks to squats #sorrynotsorry


Not fitness related:
Rach is killing it with her pregnancy fashion- island style
Spring cleaning/redecorationg/freshening up is on my mind…so I’ve been spending a lot of time over here

and of course walks with my boy….can’t wait for springtime hikes!



Have a great weekend!


Friday Faves: Best of 2014 Edition

I always love seeing people’s resolutions, etc this time of year, but I also wanted to share my favorite things of 2014 a la Oprahhhhhh…

Best of 2014

Books: The Power of Habit#Girlboss
Makeup: NYX concealer** (budget buy)// Chanel Vitalumier Aqua Foundation + LM Tinted Moisturizer (this combo is the bees knees)
Beauty Products: Mario Badescu Glycolic Cleanser & Kiehl’s Everything [I just can’t pic a fav]
Products: Keurig (a Costco impulse buy that I don’t regret at all) // Dollar Shave Club (#genius)// iphone 6 // Beats by Dre (i had the smaller ones and got these for Christmas. They are amaze for cardio…don’t slip and don’t fall out like ear buds)
Clothes: Gap Sports Bra & Nike Frees (#fancy i know)
Food/Drink: Kombucha [cannot get enough] & Kirkland egg whites. Why am I sooo weird?

**it took me a sec to fall in love with this. After seeing it a bunch on MM&L, I was determined to make it work…turns out the key is making sure your eye area is super moisturized when covering dark circles! Otherwise it goes a bit dry**

Tell me your absolute faves of the last year!


On My Radar…workout clothes and all things pumpkin

Happy Friday! For the first time, I’m actually sad it’s the weekend…because Fall Break is over. ha. It was a weird week. I was feeling SUPER unmotivated. blerg. But I’m feeling more like myself this morning…And I’m getting my haircut (FINALLY) tomorrow morning. Holla! I’m also working on a post alllllll about dry shampoo…so here’s to a productive weekend!

This Lululemon pull-over is perfect for chilly mornings. Also this one from GapFit. And based on these selections, along with my Pinterest Boards and my Gap Shopping cart, I think I may only be wearing gray this winter…. #sorrynotsorry I also want to buy this and never take it off….










Also waiting to pull the plug and finally get me a pair of these babies. I’ve heard that buying the kids sizes is better for short people like myself. The tall ones are just too tall on my short legs.

I’m also a bit obsessed with all things pumpkin right now…. [#basic i know]

Pumpkin Chobani: so tasty! I love it with a bit of crushed graham cracker on top too..yum.


Pumpkin Waffles: One Word. amazeballs. (I just had them again for breakfast this morning, and with a couple of dark chocolate chips melted in between them, they are DIVINE)


These Pumpkin Cupcakes look delish.



Have a great weekend!


Friday Faves: 9/26

Happy Friday!! The school year is getting busy, other than that, nothing too exciting going on…Here are a few favorites from this week…

1. Questbars- my favorite will always and forever be white chocolate raspberry. yumm. The other ones are for my husband (8 for me, 4 for you…sounds fair, right?) These are the perfect snack to bring with me to class. My classes are at an awkward time in the evening, so I always end up having a late dinner, and these babies keep me full till then.

image (1)


2. Even though Fall weather has not entered Utah yet (#globalwarming) I’m still loving the start of pumpkin season. These pumpkin pancakes are TO DIE FOR.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Protein Pancakes

3. On that note…since the weather hasn’t really changed (although rain is in the forecast, so fingers crossed) I haven’t been able to pull out any of my fall stuff! And I really haven’t been able to justify buying anything for the cold weather….it will just make me sad seeing it sit in my closet. But I thought this pullover from the Gap was adorable!



4. I’m still obsessed with this sports bra [also from the gap]. I think I’m going to get it in another color. So comfy and the cut is so flattering! Gap-sportsbra


5. And finally, my Precision Nutrition books came! So excited for this nutrition certification.



What’s on your radar this week? Have a great weekend!


Friday Five: 9/19

It was a good week. I got all signed up for my Precision Nutrition certification class, and today is the day I get my iphone 6! Hallelujah! First new phone in 3(!) years…the only thing I’m sad about is saying goodbye to the unlimited data plan I’ve been milking since my contract was up a year and a half ago. Oh well. Can’t wait to get my phone!

1. What I’m reading: Other than textbooks, I finished #Girlboss this week, and I’m almost done with Salt Sugar Fat. Both are such good reads.
Links from the web:
Career Advice via Cup of Jo
Reasons to toss the scale
This made me sad

2. What I’m watching… Um season 3 of New Girl is on Netflix! Holla. And for your enjoyment…

3. Workouts…going to start one of these babies next week. I think I’m going to start with Powershred. On anthother note, sadly due to an unfortunate incident involving my foot, it’s painful for me to cardio. But it’s also a million degrees outside so I’m not that sad about it. #sorrynotsorry But here’s a progress pic 😉

photo (3)

4. What I’m eating….pretty boring lately. Let’s talk about what I want to be eating this weekend. Pizza. The answer is pizza. I think I’m going to pick up some dough from Whole Foods, and make some pizzas at home (so I can eat it in my pajamas, obvi). Pizza recipe.


5. Friday Finds: Synergy Cranberry Kombucha is amaze. I tried it this week and I love it. Also Peanut Butter Puffins (which you can aparently buy on Amazon, so that’s cool) . They aren’t new to me I just love them. I also really want one of these shirts from Gap, but as previously mentioned it’s HOT outside, so I’ll probably wait a while.



Happy weekend! I’m praying the Fall weather is coming soon!


Friday Faves: Fall Workout Wear

Happy Friday! Now that it’s September, the weather is changing a bit- cooler mornings and evenings (which I don’t mind at all). Perfect workout weather… So if you need some motivation to get your sweat on, what’s better than new workout gear?! 😉  I thought I’d share some recent faves from the Gap. Their workout gear is amazing quality and super comfy! I hit a great sale last weekend for Labor Day and picked up a few things (but their sales are frequent, so don’t worry). Here are a few more on my wish list.

Friday Faves- Fall Fitness


Sports Bra: This is one of the items I picked up and I love it! Such a cute design, and a great fit.
Motion Tank: These are the softest material- they feel like the Lulu Tanks, but half the price! I haven’t bought one yet, but I plan to soon. They also make long-sleeved shirts in the same material, which will be great for winter.
Jacket: Looks so warm and comfy! Perfect for wearing to the gym for an early morning workout.
Leggings: I have the capri version of these and they are so comfortable and flattering. I love this color for fall.
Striped Tee: I picked up a neon version (sans stripes) on super sale and it is such great quality. I don’t usually like short sleeves when I work out, but this was super breathable. So now I want it with stripes, naturally 😉
Stripe-Waist Capris: Again, these remind  me of Lulu crops, but way cheaper! So cute!

Have a great weekend!