Nordstrom Sale: fitness picks

The best sale of the year is here…the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. A million bloggers are picking their fall faves, but true to form- I’m focusing on the fitness outfits! There are some GREAT finds this year, including multiple pairs of nikes (!) …. check it out!

nsale-fit-picksThe tops:

The bottoms:

The shoes:

Happy shopping and have a great weekend!
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My pre-workout routine

The pre-workout routine is almost as important as the workout itself. It’s necessary to be fueled properly and ready to go in order to have an efficient workout. Here are my pre-workout essentials.


  • Music. I have my playlists loaded on Spotify. Check them out here. Music is a must for busting out a workout! Don’t forget your earbuds and charged phone!
  • Pre-workout fuel. My workout time varies, but I always eat first. If it’s super early I’ll have a little fruit, otherwise I will go after breakfast or lunch (depending on the day). I am not one of those people who can workout on an empty stomach!
  • Supplements. There are times a pre-workout is needed! I have had success with C4 and the NLA for Her pre-workout. Other reputable supplements can be found here and here.
  • Workout. I always have a plan before I enter the gym. I store my strength workouts in the Jefit app. When doing cardio I will decide on intervals vs steady state, inclines, etc. while in the gym, but other than that my workouts are generally planned out. When I first started working out, I’d load workouts straight from workout plans, but now I plan them myself. If I’m in a rut, I’ll take ideas from other bloggers or fitness professionals to add some variety.
  • Post-workout fuel. Last, if I know I’m going straight from the gym to work or to run errands, I’ll bring a snack to have afterwards. Right now my favorite thing is berries with cottage cheese topped with cinnamon and stevia.

What’s your pre-workout routine?? Anything I’m missing?



My new obsession…

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself reminding myself how much stuff I have to do. Assignments, housework, blah blah blahhhhh.  But since I’ve started going for long walks around the lake with my pup, my mind feels so much clearer…I throw on my shoes and listen to a podcast and it is SO refreshing. I listen to different podcasts depending on my mood, and it’s such a great way to work on self-improvement/personal development or even just zone out and soak up some vitamin D.  Of course I love going hard in the gym, but I am LOVING getting some fresh air and clearing my head in the great outdoors….

And what’s not to love about this view…..

my guys ^^^ 🙂

And now a few podcasts I am loving:

The topics are kind of all over the place, but that means something for everyone 😉 I’m also interested in listening to TED talks this way, but haven’t yet…I’ve only recently gotten into podcasts (started with my Serial obsession a few months back), and I know there are SO many different types. I think it’s such a great way to spend a commute, or even just listen to while driving or walking around town.

Now tell me…what are YOU listening to??


Gift Guide: for the fit girl

Two shopping posts in one week 😉 If you know a fit chick (doesn’t matter if she loves yoga, zumba, lifing, crossfit, whatever…) she will probably appreciate some new gear. Here are some great options that I would love to see under the tree!
Gift Guide


1. Metallic Nike bag
2. Glass Water Bottle
3. Perfect little hoodie for layering
4.  because you can never go wrong with stripes
5. a super soft tank
6. a bright pair of leggings
7. Another cute gym bag option
8. a fresh pair of nikes

annnd the lulu jacket she’ll never buy for herself 😉

Happy Christmas Shopping! What is on your list this year??


Workout Wednesday: Cardio Pyramid

Happy Workout Wednesday! I definitely go through love/hate phases with cardio, but something I like to incorporate is incline walking. It’s kind of a pain in the ass (literally), but it burns so good. The pyramid workout isn’t a true HIIT (high intensity interval training), but it keeps the heart pumping for sure. Feel free to rest a minute or 2 between the pyramids though, or modify if you’re used to running at a faster pace. 😉    Enjoy! Treadmill Workout


W.O.W: Circuit Workout

Happy Hump Day! I came up with this circuit last week after doing some cardio on the treadmill. It’s great to finish off a workout, or repeat 4-5 times as a complete workout. It will definitely get your heart pumping.





*Swiss Ball pass throughs- start by laying on a mat with swiss ball between legs and arms over-head. Reach up with arms and legs. Grab ball and pull over head. Reach up again, passing ball to legs, returning to stating position. This is one rep.



The Rest Day & This Weeks Workouts

Today was my rest day and it felt amazing to sleep so long. I went to bed super early last night which made it even better! This is my first rest day of the week- my second will be on Sunday.  Here is this weeks workout plan:

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: am- chest/tris   pm- cardio/ abs
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: am- shoulders/abs  pm- cardio
Friday: back/bis
Saturday: cardio
Sunday: Rest

Rest days are so important because your muscles need time to repair themselves- this is also why it’s important to get plenty of sleep at night! Working out is when you break down muscles, but they recover outside of the gym! I usually feel antsy on rest days like I should be in the gym, but today it felt great because I am so sore (which is a good thing).

obsessed with these new nike shorts!

In other news my husband and I are now health coaches for Herbalife- if you are interested in improving your health, let us know! 

my hardworking husband!
(also don’t mind the costco recycling in the background….)

Switch it up!

The body is an amazing thing and adapts easily to workouts. To see improvement and make gains, switch up your workouts regularly and keep your body guessing! 

I used to be one of the cardio bunnies in the gym, spending a good 45-60 minutes at a steady pace. There is a reason I wasn’t seeing results! Doing cardio at a steady pace for a long period of time is not an efficient way of burning calories or changing your body. Unless you are training for a race (or you just love to run) I really don’t see the point in logging hours and hours of cardio per week. 

ways to switch it up:

-intervals: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a very efficient way to do cardio. Not only are you burning more calories in a single workout, but your body will continue to burn more calories when you are done. Interval training is a combination of full intensity and recovery. Another benefit of HIIT is that the workouts are shorter! You can complete a great HIIT workout in 25-30 minutes. HIIT can be done on any type of cardio machine and even outside! 

-inclines:  Walking at a high incline (10+) will keep your heart pounding and is a great workout for your legs too, you can also run at smaller inclines for a great sweat 

-circuit training:circuits are a way of performing exercises one after the other with no break in between to keep your heart rate up during the whole workout. I posted a circuit workout here

Muscle memory is an amazing thing and if you want to make progress, don’t do the exact same workout more than 2 weeks in a row

ways to switch it up:

-change your reps/sets 
-increase weight 
-change up the exercises performed
-rearrange the order of exercises
-muscle groups (i.e back and biceps vs triceps and biceps)

A great tool to keep track of workouts is the Jefit app available for free in the app store! 

gorgeous sunset after the gym the other night 
trying to make progress on my stomach/abs!