Motivation Monday: Beating the Winter Blues

February is here! I actually think January is my least favorite month… Something about coming off of the holiday high and back to real like…real freaking cold life. But we survived. February brings my birthday (25…sob) and valentines day, so I have some fun stuff to look forward to. This winter in Utah has been super mild, plus with the puppy, and my second semester of grad school I’m keeping busy. I wrote a post last year (here) about surviving the winter blues, but I just wanted to add a few things 🙂



  • exercise as much as possible. those endorphins are SO great, not to mention help with working off the holiday lbs
  • freshen up your home. fresh flowers and candles have been game-changers for me. I hate the empty feeling after taking down the Christmas decorations, so organizing and changing things around really helps.
  • stock up on fresh food. I got back into meal planning in January and it helped me re-focus on eating fresh and healthy meals
  • remind yourself that we are just 7 weeks away from the first day of spring! Day dreaming about pool days and bikinis always gets me excited….

and like this post says..put something fun on the calendar! And taking a hot bath always helps too 🙂 How do you make it through the gloomy months?


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