A little reminder….

I’m reposting this infographic from Greatist because it’s a great reminder that we are who we are….and we can’t all be the she shape that society deems “perfect” for the decade…if you have super long legs and are super thin, you won’t be next years big-booty babe. It just can’t happen. Moral of the story: shake what your mama gave ya! We are all unique and, and I personally will never have long thin legs. I’m short and have curvy thighs and booty, but that’s okay…i’m coming to terms with it atleast 😉 !  Happy hump day ❤


BodyImage_1 BodyImage2 BodyImage3 BodyImage4BodyImage5BodyImage6BodyImage7 BodyImage8 BodyImage9 BodyImage10 BodyImage11signature

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