10 Minute Meal Prep with Costco

In my opinion meal prepping can make or break you when it comes to staying on track during a busy week. It can also be intimidating to spend an hour or 3 on Sunday/Monday night. Enter my beloved costco. With 3 products and 10 minutes, a weeks worth of lunches can be prepped!

Meal Prep with Costco3 products:
Frozen steam-able broccoli (frozen veggie section)
Seeds of Change brown rice/quinoa packets (dry rice/pasta section)
Shredded Rotisserie Breast meat (deli section)

broccoli: 6 minutes
rice: 90 seconds
portion chicken: 3 minutes

While the broccoli is steaming, portion your chicken. I usually do 3 or 4 oz servings, but this depends on you and your goals/daily caloric intake you are aiming for. Any chicken you/you’re family won’t use in one week can be frozen. After the broccoli is done, allow to cool for a moment. While rice is in the microwave, portion broccoli. During this time you may also want to chop some extra fruit or veggies for snacks. After the rice is done, allow to cool and measure it into your containers. All done!

The great thing about these simple meals is that they can be seasoned in anyway and of course you can use any veggie you’d like. I like to put Franks on mine, or sometimes will make a quick peanut sauce with PB2 to throw on top.


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