Motivation Monday: Plan Plan Plan

Last week was my first week back to school, and I thought I had my schedule (including workouts) all figured out. I was wrong. This week will be different. I realized that most of my workouts need to be in the morning in order for me to get them done! There’s nothing I hate more than getting home when it’s dark and cold and then realizing I still need to go workout. I’d rather stay home and snuggle with my puppy #duh.  So operation a.m. workout is underway…03b70-getbusy
I think I’m going to to PowerShred again. I had amazing results last time (and increased my squat by 50lbs). (for some reason it’s not on her site anymore, but other ebooks available here). This is the powershred workout schedule. It’s 6 days a week for 6 weeks and utilizes a combination of high and low rep for maximum results. I’m going to do all 6 days this week to get myself back on a schedule, but I think after that I may take out a day or 2 so I can go to a yoga or spin class.

Workout schedule

Monday: Chest/Triceps (low rep)
Tuesday: Back/Biceps (low rep)
Wednesday: Shoulders/legs (low rep)
Thursday: Chest/Triceps (high rep)
Friday: Back/Biceps (high rep)
Saturday: Shoulders/Legs (high rep)

I’m posting here to hold myself accountable! Time to get my butt in gear. Happy Monday! Don’t forget to schedule your workouts, lay out your gym clothes, plan your meals, and plan your workouts for greater success and better results!


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