Motivation Monday: keeping up healthy habits during the holidays

Happy Monday!  A brand new week, and another week closer to Christmas. Tis the season for parties and tasty treats. While I’m all for enjoying your favorites desserts and enjoying time off relaxing with family, I think we can agree that the feeling of over indulging is less than delightful. Here are a couple tips for staying on track (so you don’t feel the need for an “overhaul” come January 1)

holiday health

  • Keep up with your workouts. Put those extra calories to work and gain some strength! I have surprisingly good strength training workouts after eating a big meal. (although it shouldn’t be surprising, because your body wants that fuel!)
  • Water water water- all those yummy holiday drinks are filled with calories! Drink your fave every now and then, but don’t fill up on a days worth of calories on liquid alone (this includes Starbucks drinks, sodas, and fancy cocktails).
  • Family fun! Try and plan family activities that don’t just revolve around big meals. Skiing & sledding are great if you’re in a snowy climate. If not, family walks, jogs, beach time, or if you’re feeling ambitious, a family 5k or 10k. My personal favorite is walking the mall 😉
  • Trial gym pass. I plan on trying this out during my vacation this Christmas. Most big gyms will do a free week pass (24 hour fitness for sure). Since I’ll be gone for 2 weeks, I’d like to get a least a couple workouts in. This is a great way to get gym access. If you’re in a hotel try hitting the pool or the treadmill for a quick workout. [Of course family time is valuable, so if it’s a short trip- don’t sweat it! Enjoy your vacay]

Check out my post from last year about navigating the food table at holiday parties.



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