My Gym Bag Essentials: baby it’s cold…

Cold weather has officially hit SLC, and man it’s chilly out there! Especially in the mornings. I’ve had to revamp my workout gear, because a little jacket isn’t enough to run through the gym parking lot without freezing my tush off. I haven’t done a gym bag post in a while, so I thought I’d share what I’m loving.

Winter Essentials

Half-zip: Layers are key. I’ll usually layer a light jacket like this under my gigantic Lands End Parka….

Favorite sports bra: I LOVE this gap sports bra. I definitely plan on picking up some more come Black Friday 😉

Favorite head phones: I have the Beats Solos and I love them. They honestly get me super pumped when I’m working out. I actually got these for my hubby for Christmas last year, but they were too small for his ears so they are mine now 😉 So FYI- if you’re shopping for a man, they might need the bigger ones. [another Black Friday note, per Target’s BF preview, they’ll have these for $99 I believe]

Leggings: I got these lined leggings on a whim at Costco for $16.99 and I am in LOVE. So freaking warm. I usually wear these full length fleece lined leggings into the gym, then change into my normal lulus or gap or whatever leggings. Keeps my legs warm, but I don’t want them dripping in sweat while I workout. Then I can change back if I need to after. Proof that leggings less that $100 can be awesome! (I’m looking at you Lululemon) But For some reason I still want these damn wunder unders….

Uggs: yes, you read that right. I wear uggs into the gym and change when I get there. 20 degrees is no joke.

Gym Bag: I’m still using the one from this post, but I reealllly want this lulu bag. 😉

facial wipes– these Costco ones are my new fave.

What are your gym bag must-haves? Anything you can’t live without?
Happy Hump Day!!


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