know your weaknesses

We had a little halloween get-together this weekend, and of course had some yummy treats. I made some delish homemade oreos and we had a little candy bar with my favs…sour patch kids, m&ms (PB and dark chocolate), hot tamales and reeses. Annnnd we ordered pizza. I knew I’d be indulging in sweets and my favorite bread sticks from The Pie, so I planned accordingly and didn’t freak. But on Sunday I was tempted and had some more treats, and I knew having all those extra goodies in the house was a bad idea. So I sent ALL of it to work with my hubby to share (or not share, I’m not really sure haha) on Monday.



But it got me thinking. How often do we “suffer” through having our weakness in the house just because we don’t want it to “go to waste”. Or another great rule to live by…. We’ll start on Monday….. [not]

That didn’t fly this time. Why?? Because I know myself. I’m not the person that can just count out 7 sour patch kids and call it a day. And yes 7 is the serving size. So I don’t keep it in the house. I indulged and then it was best to just…..Weakness

SO. what are your triggers?? Do you keep any junk in the house? What keeps your “diet” in check?


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