The Great Dry Shampoo Debate

Last week I was digging through my drawer of hair products, and I realized I had an insane number of dry shampoos in there. I have a tendency to pick up the small bottles for traveling or my gym bag (or just to try out), so I thought I would share my favs as well as the ones that aren’t worth picking up.

Dry Shampoo


Tresseme: Let’s just start with the worst. This was the first dry shampoo I ever tried (a few years ago) and I wasn’t impressed. My hair just felt grungy after using. Well fast forward a few years, and I kept seeing this pop up on beauty blogs, so thought maybe they had changed the formula. Nope. Still grungy. Not worth the buy. It does smell nice though.

Suave: Best value for sure. Only about $2 I think, and works really well. Smells decent. After it dries, it really rubs out evenly. No complaints.

Bumble and Bumble: Much higher price point than the rest, but I love it. I like that it’s a powder instead of aerosol (my hubby complains when I spray a ton, and I’m basically in a dry shampoo cloud. #lol… so husband’s fav for sure). I also like that it’s volumizing. Since it is more pricy, I use sparingly. Mostly for date nights, or if I’m actually going some place other than the gym or nannying or school. Also has a really nice scent.

SG: I saw this in a magazine around Christmas time, so I bought it the next time I was at Ulta….such a great consumer 😉 anyway, I’ve only bought the ‘clear’ version- it’s available in brown I believe, but I love it. It really is volumizing, while still being effective at dry shampoo-ing. Win-win. I plan on picking up the full size bottle. When I run out of some of these. haha.

Pssssst: Nothing special about this one. I think it does about the same job as the suave, but not as cheap. It is nice it comes in a travel size though. Smells nice.

My dry shampoo tips:

  • I like to use dry shampoo at night before bed (if I’m not planning on working out the next morning). I feel like it really absorbs well over night, and you don’t have to use as much (or any) the next day.
  • part hair in multiple places when spraying. Especially if doing a pony tail or pulling hair back in some way. It’s awkward to have hair to appear clean on top, but greasy on the sides, if pulled all the way back (ew). Also, this helps with adding volume.
  • For post-workout, sometimes I blow dry my roots, and then spray dry shampoo if I don’t have time for a full shower. Sounds gross but it works. Obviously, don’t do this every time you workout. Dry shampoo does not equal bathing 😉

SO tell me your favorite dry shampoo tricks and/or products!


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