Workout Wednesday: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

After my mini-vacation the other weekend, I was bit by the lazy bug. All I wanted was to lay around, watch netflix, and eat junk. Which is fine, but I also like feeling accomplished and getting shit done….last week,  shit did not get done….In my defense it was Fall Break, but I only worked out 3 times when I obviously had time to do more. I don’t know what happened, but I fell off the horse for a sec. 


Then I thought to myself…remember when my GOAL was to workout 3 times a week…and now it’s double that…? I gave myself a little grace, because hey- I’ve come a long way…but now I’m back in business.


But that whole situation got me thinking…when is it okay to say “yes. you need a break” and when do we push ourselves a little further. It’s obviously a personal decision, but it’s got me thinking about laziness. At this point in my life I have a bit on my plate (who doesn’t?), and a few new things added recently. I won’t go into the “I’m so busy” song and dance [because ew], but really I want to be spending my time doing things that are helping me succeed. Using my time wisely. Pushing toward my goals. Period. Part of that success is personal success, and for me that includes working out and feeling healthy and strong. The best me possible.

So…next time you are thinking about sleeping in and skipping your a.m. workout…think. Do I REALLY need a break? Are there people counting on me? Will I feel disappointed in myself if I don’t do this? And it honestly applies to anything in life. Not just fitness. Your body will tell you if you truly  need a break, and your heart will tell you if you need to suck it up and work.

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