Taking a Break

While I totally believe it’s important to push yourself, sometimes it’s just time to let yourself rest.


I spent this past weekend relaxing in Park City with my husband and in-laws and it felt so good to have a little break from tracking calories and working out. I spent time in the mountain air doing my favorite things- eating yummy food, shopping, spending time with family, and snuggling up by the fire watching TV. It’s always better to take a couple days than to burn yourself out…

But for some reason I’m having a hard time jumping back into my workouts. I think there’s a hard balance between feeling rested and enjoying “vacation mode” a little too much… To be honest, I still haven’t worked out today! But I’m hitting my macros so I’ll call that a win.

Sometimes our bodies need to rest, but sometimes we just feel lazy. And that’s just being human. Strength comes from getting up and pushing through, and not letting a weekend turn into a bad week, and then month…..it’s too easy to lose progress that way…

Have a great week!


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