Workout Wednesday: Real Talk

I read an instagram post from Skinny Meg yesterday that said she didn’t want to get up at 5am and do her run yesterday. She was up all night with her baby, and the last thing she wanted to do want go run at 5am. But guess what. She got up and she did it anyway. Because she’s training for a marathon and she is a BEAST.


This totally resonated with me. I don’t feel motivated I didn’t want to workout yesterday morning. I did it anyway. Why? Because it’s habit. I expect more out of myself. I had a huge test I was stressing about, and the only time yesterday I wasn’t feeling a ton of anxiety about it was WHEN I WAS LIFTING.

There is nothing like the feeling of pushing yourself harder than ever. I’m now to the point where routine takes over when motivation is gone. I have a program and I’m sticking to it. No excuses. No bull shi*t. No quitting. Who cares if 6 days a week is a lot right now. Who cares how often “everyone else works out”. Do I want to be everyone else? Do I want to do what everyone else does? Do I want to look like everyone else? NO. I want to BE ME. I want to WORK HARD. And right now, I am holding myself to 6 days a week.

HABIT is what keeps me going. Loving the feeling of pushing through my last set. Music blasting. There is nothing like it.

So if anyone isn’t feeling particularly motivated today, it’s okay. Do it anyway. You ALWAYS feel better after. You owe it to yourself to stick to your goals.

ANYWAY. Happy Hump Day!



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