Friday Five: 9/19

It was a good week. I got all signed up for my Precision Nutrition certification class, and today is the day I get my iphone 6! Hallelujah! First new phone in 3(!) years…the only thing I’m sad about is saying goodbye to the unlimited data plan I’ve been milking since my contract was up a year and a half ago. Oh well. Can’t wait to get my phone!

1. What I’m reading: Other than textbooks, I finished #Girlboss this week, and I’m almost done with Salt Sugar Fat. Both are such good reads.
Links from the web:
Career Advice via Cup of Jo
Reasons to toss the scale
This made me sad

2. What I’m watching… Um season 3 of New Girl is on Netflix! Holla. And for your enjoyment…

3. Workouts…going to start one of these babies next week. I think I’m going to start with Powershred. On anthother note, sadly due to an unfortunate incident involving my foot, it’s painful for me to cardio. But it’s also a million degrees outside so I’m not that sad about it. #sorrynotsorry But here’s a progress pic 😉

photo (3)

4. What I’m eating….pretty boring lately. Let’s talk about what I want to be eating this weekend. Pizza. The answer is pizza. I think I’m going to pick up some dough from Whole Foods, and make some pizzas at home (so I can eat it in my pajamas, obvi). Pizza recipe.


5. Friday Finds: Synergy Cranberry Kombucha is amaze. I tried it this week and I love it. Also Peanut Butter Puffins (which you can aparently buy on Amazon, so that’s cool) . They aren’t new to me I just love them. I also really want one of these shirts from Gap, but as previously mentioned it’s HOT outside, so I’ll probably wait a while.



Happy weekend! I’m praying the Fall weather is coming soon!


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