Spicy Veggie Scramble

I can’t really call this a recipe, because you basically just throw everything together in a frying pan- But man, it’s good.


1/2 t olive oil
5 or 6 grape tomatoes
1/4 of a large pepper, diced
diced red onion (as much as you want)
big handful of spinach
1 egg scrambled + 1/2 c egg whites (I use Kirkland Egg whites)
.5 oz pepper jack cheese (shredded)
Tb salsa  – more or less depending on personal preference

Start by sauteeing veggies in olive oil. Wait until the last minute or 2 to add spinach. Beat egg and egg whites and mix in pan with veggies. When almost cooked, add shredded cheese. Top with salsa.

Comes out to about 228 calories- 7c/ 13f/ 23p

Super easy and filling and only takes a few minutes to whip up.


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