My back to school must-haves

Happy Hump Day! I started classes yesterday, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites for back to school…and you don’t really have to be in school to enjoy them 😉


Longchamp Bag: Perfect size for toting the essentials (plus some extras), but it’s not so big that it gets super heavy. [back pain from heavy purses is real] Annnnd, it’s water proof aka perfect for rain/snow.

Sharpie Pens: My absolute favorite pens. So many cute colors, and they do not bleed!

Water bottle: It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re on the go. Stay hydrated!

Quest bars: The best protein bar. They taste amaaaaazing. But really any of the snacks from this post will do. (and white chocolate raspberry is my jam)

Mead Notebooks: I love the 3 and 5 subject notebooks.

Planner: i LOVE me a good planner. I picked this one up from Staples, but I really want this baby and also this…. I’m kind of obsessive about mine. I use it to plan my meals, workouts, homework (obviously), bills…I love google calendar, but there’s just something about having a paper one in front of me that helps me stay organized.

Gum: no explanation. I just love gum.

SO..what are your back to school favs?


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