On my radar….

Happy Hump Day! I just wanted to share a couple things I’ve come across this week…

1. First of all. This trailer got me all fired up. Can’t wait to watch it.



2. I’ve been scoping out office inspiration. B and I are moving into a new apartment next month and we decided to turn our second bedroom into a little office since we’ll both be in school this fall (2 months till I start grad school!). Little details like this just kill me. Fortunately my husband has excellent taste and doesn’t mind all things navy, striped, and gold. #luckywife

photo via


3. I finished up this book yesterday. It was so fascinating. I highly recommend. Will probably be doing a little review in the next few weeks. It was about habits in general, but obviously applies to fitness and nutrition. It really got me thinking about my own habits.

power of habit


4. Salads! I cannot get enough of fresh produce (especially watermelon. don’t ask me how long it took to eat a whole one…) And this little beauty has some of my absolute favs.  (via ambitious kitchen)


5. I need to get myself a one piece because they are just so darn cute. And I love anything striped so this Jcrew baby is perf.


6. Annnd after a stressful spring, B and I got some good news this week- proving once again that patience is a virtue and stressing out doesn’t make the time go by faster or easier. Go figure. When will I learn? At least I have Joyce Meyer teaching me her ways 😉


Happy Wednesday!


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