Motivation Monday: June Goals

Happy June!! The year is almost half over which is blowing my mind. I recapped my May goal a few days ago– but my final take away thoughts from trying to exercise everyday is that fitness and health is a way of life. It’s not limited to 30 minutes in the gym, or a certain caloric intake-its about loving your body with proper nutrition and plenty of endorphins. I plan on trying to maintain getting in some fresh air or exercise everyday. It definitely makes for a happier me 🙂

For June I have 2 goals I want to focus on- 1. Appreciate the simple things and 2. Get rid of the junk.

Appreciate the simple things kind of applies to my post yesterday. I feel like there is so much that goes unnoticed everyday because I’m distracted (usually by technology) I need to remind myself to take a step back and live and appreciate my life. Appreciate the warm breeze, and the sunset, and the delicious cookies my husband made (without thinking about calories).  This isn’t as quantitative as last months goal, so I won’t really be able to “measure” success, but I do think it just helps having it in front of my mind. I plan on keeping a little list to keep me accountable and help me remember to keep my eyes opened. I purposefully planned for a low-key summer because heading into the fall I’ll be headed to grad school and my hubby’s scheduled will be packed with work and finishing PA school pre-recs. I want to actually appreciate this time I have instead of wasting it.


Part 2 is Get rid of the junk. We are moving next month, so naturally I want to purge my house of everything before packing, but it also goes back to part 1. With too much clutter in life, it can be hard to really appreciate the good things. I plan on clearing my home of unused clothes and paperwork and anything that goes unused- but this can apply to all aspects of life. Plus it’s crazy how much a good closet clean-out can improve your morning routine. (after the work is done, of course) 😉


Here’s to the beginning of the month and beginning of summer!



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