May Challenge: Days 21-31

Happy June!! I stayed strong until this week–I got a nasty sunburn on Memorial day, so that Tuesday I stayed home and rested my poor, red body.  I had a migraine yesterday (#worstthingever) but I’m still proud I stuck it out this month! Here are my workouts for days 21-31.


22- packed my gym bag, but left my pants @home 😦 but got a ton of walking in on U of U campus w/ my hubby
25- long hike w/ hubby (approx 4 miles)
26- chest/shoulders/tris
27- worst sunburn ever 😦
28- cardio
29- Back/bis
30- migraine 😦
31- chest/tris/shoulders


Pretty proud of myself. I had a total of 3 complete off days, and the rest of the month I either did my planned workouts or got outside and walked or hiked. My body feels happy and healthy! Love soaking up the sun and staying active– just need to make sure I sunscreen my WHOLE body. 😉  One thing I’ve learned is it’s best to plan for 5-7 workouts per week, then if something comes up or you get sick or whatever- you still have completed or planned on a few other workouts. Just something that works for me.

Happy Saturday!


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