It’s Summertime! A few tips for keeping up with your health & fitness goals this summer

Summer is [unofficially] here! Growing up in the dessert and near the ocean I didn’t experience much of a change in seasons. It was just warm, warmer, or HOT. Now that I live in Utah I live for the warm months! My body loves the sun. I baked myself into a little crisp yesterday and my husband kept telling me that I should probably take a break from being out in the sun. Finally I packed up and showed him my  {awkward} sun burn and he said “but you loved it right?”. Darn right I loved baking in that warm sun, reading my book, and drinking my smoothie. It was glorious!

Another great part of summer is how much easier it is to get my workouts in. When it’s cold and gloomy I just want to hibernate, but in the summertime I’m all about getting up and out. Here are some other reasons it’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle  and stay on top of your health and fitness goals in the warmer months:



  • fresh and yummy produce is available! Nothing better than fresh watermelon and strawberries for dessert…not to mention the fun farmer’s markets! The markets are a great way to try new and yummy produce for cheap
  • salad, salad, salad! More produce = lots of yummy salads options
  • smoothies! another benefit of more produce is lots of smoothie variety. Drink those fruits and veggies for a nice refreshing treat
  • easy outdoor/active activities. Leave the gym behind and go swim, hike, bike, paddle board,jog, or walk your little heart out. Or if it’s too hot outside, the gym is always nice and cool 😉
  • all of the summer holidays/parties are centered around the grill- one of the healthiest and tastiest ways to prepare meat and veggies! Skip the potato salad and enjoy grilled chicken or steak or a nice lean burger and some watermelon. yum!
  • races! There are all kinds of 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, etc in the spring and summer months. A fun and active way to get outside with your friends or family


What are your favorite ways to stay healthy and active in the summer months?


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