May Challenge: Days 11-20

The May Challenge is going well! I’ve only missed one day so far…not too shabby. I honestly love this challenge because it’s a reminder that being physically active is part of a healthy lifestyle. Some days were spent hiking, some walking around the neighborhood or lake with my husband and I loved that instead of being inside on the computer we were spending time together and being active (and enjoying the nice weather!). This is definitely something that I want to instill in my kids- not talking about going out and exercising- but just making it part of our life to go hiking and swimming and skiing and biking together. A healthy example speaks volumes more than lecturing about diet and exercise.



11- Missed. Rainy Sunday w/ a sick hubby = stay in bed all day. womp womp.

12- Chest/ Triceps

13- Back/ Biceps

14- Evening long walk w/ B

15- Legs

16- Shoulders

17- am cardio + abs, pm hike w/ B

18- Sunday walk around the lake

19- Back + Cardio (Day 1 of Labrada Lean Body Trainer)

20- Chest/triceps


10 days to go! Also– so far I’m loving the Labrada Trainer. I was going to start the Jamie Eason program again, but I really like how the Labrada includes cardio from the beginning. We shall see how it goes.

Happy Hump Day!



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