Motivation Monday: What motivates YOU?

Happy Monday! It felt like summer this weekend and I loved it….



While I did get my workouts in this weekend, it’s not always easy to get to the gym. Sometimes there are nagging thoughts in the back of my head saying oh hell no  “I don’t want to go today”. One way to move past this is ignore the negative thoughts and just get to the gym ASAP, but I also try and think of all of the positive reasons I should go workout…A few of mine are:

  • I will feel amazing after (and even during my workout)
  • I always feel the most confident while working out
  • I will be proud that I did it
  • I like the feeling of working toward a goal
  • I already have my gym bag packed…there is no reason to not go
  • It’s part of my May Challenge! (move everyday in May)
  • exercising helps my anxiety
  • I will feel worse later if I don’t do it

It’s also good to think to yourself “why don’t I feel like going?” If you’re tired, have a quick snack (or even some pre-workout). If you are feeling lazy, take a look at your favorite motivational quotes or IG accounts or Pinterest boards or think about what your long term goals are. If you aren’t feeling into your scheduled workout, hit up your favorite gym class.


So tell me, what motivates YOU?



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