The Friday Five- May 16

Happy Friday! Can you believe we are half way through may? Crazytown. That also means we’re almost half way through 2014…what?!


1. What I’m reading:
An interesting NY Times Op-Ed on the huge problems coming from our  insane salt intake
A fun post about Family Vacations from A CUP OF JO
And 2 sweet Mother’s Day Posts by the Hollywood Housewife and Hey Natalie Jean

…I’m hoping to hit the library soon and pick up some ACTUAL BOOKS 😉


2. Listening to:

I love this song. I know it plays like, 100 times a day on the radio, but I don’t mind at all. My husband sings it to me in the car and he sounds like an angel. 😉

Also listening to the best Pandora station for working out EVER. Which is David Guetta radio + Justin Timberlake + girltalk for variety. Upbeat perfection.


3. Eating:
I cannot get enough of these protein pancakes I posted about. (so much so that I ate all of the protein powder we had in the house…which was a lot….sad.) We also bought our first corn on the cob of the season which was so insanely satisfying. SUMMER IS COMING! amiright?!


4. Bookmarking. Salads. I cannot stop pinning salad recipes. Apparently I’m ready for some yummy, fresh produce! How good does this look? I’ve never thought of putting watermelon in salad, but I can’t wait to try it!



5. Looking forward to: A warm weekend! After a stressful week worrying about my family in the SoCal fires, I’m ready to get out and soak up some vitamin D. Also, the count down is on for the SLC summer Farmer’s Markets…less than a month! Annnnnd…my 3 year anniversary is next month. No plans so far, but still exciting 🙂


What are YOU looking forward to? Any good book recommendations?

Happy Weekend!




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