My favorite workout clothes (on the cheap)

In a perfect world I’d have a closet full of Lululemon and every color of Nike frees available…sadly that just isn’t real life. But that doesn’t mean I hit the gym looking frumpy….here are my favorite places for cute (and quality) gym wear.


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  •  Target. (Duh.) The C9 by Champion line is surprisingly great quality
  • Forever 21. F21 is always great for cheap thrills, but I’m honestly shocked by their workout gear. It’s cheap, colorful, and (again, surprisingly good) quality. What more could you want?
  • Aerie by American Eagle. Cute and comfy fabrics. And their sports bras are on sale right now for $15!
  • Nordstrom Rack. Sadly they don’t have a website, but they have great brands (Nike, Zella, Adidas, Reebock…) for super cheap. Also, check out their Nike selection in the shoe aisle!
  • TjMaxx, Marshalls, Ross…like The rack they have great brands for cheap! You can also find yoga mats, gym bags, etc for a steal.
  • Nike Outlet. For some reason the prices on clothes aren’t great at my outlet, but the shoe selection is killer!



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Where you do like to shop for workout clothes? Any great tips or new finds? Happy weekend and happy shopping!






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