Easiest Protein Pancakes Ever…

I saw this tip on Instagram, and thought I’d give it a try. Original “recipe” called for a bit almond flour, but I left it out and the 2 ingredient Protein Pancake was delish! I also tried it with an added 1/2 banana and that was amazing as well…but 2 or 3 ingredients in a recipe? Can’t go wrong! 


3 egg whites + 1 scoop chocolate protein 


3 egg whites+ 1 scoop protein + 1/2 banana, mashed


I whipped the egg whites with a fork then added the banana/protein. So easy! Melted a bit of coconut oil in the pan, and when it was done I topped with a bit of PB2 and some berries.

Keep in mind depending on the brand of protein you use, the scoop will be a different size. NLA for her serving size is actually 2 scoops, so this was half a serving. Just add more egg whites/protein to reach your desired consistency. My batter was pretty wet, but it puffed up nicely,



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