A Sunday Well Spent…

I’ve seen this pin floating around recently, and it is SO true! After a nice post-church Sunday nap, it feels good to get a few things done. Spending some extra time on Sunday- even just an hour or two can help you start your Monday on the right foot. 

A few things that I find helpful are prepping some food to make meals easier during the week- this can be as easy as a grain, a veggie, and a meat to throw add into lunches or dinners. 

Options for food prep to make your week easier:

  • wash and chop lettuce for salads
  • cut up fruit to have for snacks or add to your yogurt
  • grilled chicken to add to salads or lunches 
  • make a large batch of quinoa or brown rice
  • chop veggies to have as on the go snacks
  • boil eggs
  • make a large batch of soup in your slow cooker 
  • overnight oats
  • pre-portion your usual go-to snacks (pretzels, pirates booty, pita chips, etc)
  • mason jar salads

This week I prepped boiled eggs, tuna salad (basically just tuna + mustard+ some boiled egg white), ground turkey, green beans, and brown rice. I made the rice in my rice cooker for dinner tonight (we had lettuce wraps) so it was easy peasy to add a few extra servings in to have for left overs (tomorrow we’ll have burrito bowls). Ground turkey is one of my favorites to prep- it tastes delicious re-heated and its easy to mix up with rice for a yummy protein-packed lunch. 

Other easy things to make your work week start off on the right foot: make sure you have (at least some) laundry done, pack your lunch and gym bag, make sure your keys are in the right spot ;), wash sheets/towels, etc. It always feels good to go to sleep in an organized home on Sunday night…

Have a great week!

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