Living with a sweet-eater (while trying to live a healthy lifestyle)

You would never guess by looking at my husband (5% body fat and chiseled abs) but he has the biggest sweet tooth on the planet…and he isn’t afraid of a few (dozen) cookies. When we first got married, I’d make him his favorite cookies all the time- peanut butter cookies with mini Reeses cups. Of course, I’d want a few. So I’d eat them. After a while I realized the two of us have very different metabolisms. He’s an ectomorph and I can gain weight pretty very easily. 

I eventually eased off on the cookies (although I still make them a few times per month), and they are no longer the temptation they once were. Fortunately we’ve both changed our eating habits quite a bit in the last 3 years. We eat a healthy diet and live a pretty active lifestyle. I’ve lost about 10 lbs since we got married (….and I think my husband has gained 10lbs in muscle, but that’s neither here nor there…) How do I continue to stay on track with sweets in the house??

my love ❤

  • I realized that he’s not eating sweets to punish me. This sounds silly, but for a while I would get upset that he could eat so many cookies and not gain an ounce. Eventually I realized, he will eat cookies from time to time. It’s not the end of the world if I  have 1 or 2 cookies, but I always need to remind myself that if 1 cookie is good, 6 is NOT better. 
  • If I don’t feel like eating junk I’ll blend up a protein shake…which to me basically tastes like a milk shake. OR I will pop some popcorn, and if I’m really feeling crazy I’ll throw some dark chocolate chips in. 
  • The key is to know YOURSELF. If you can’t just eat 1 cookie, then don’t even start! Find a healthy snack you enjoy, and eat that instead. There are tons of healthy recipes for mug cakes, clean cookies, protein pancakes, shakes/smoothies, etc that will satisfy any sweet or chocolate craving. 
  • If you do have self-control, then have a cookie or 2, and forget about the rest. I usually do baking on the weekends. If we sit down to watch a movie or netflix, I will have my cookie(s), and B will have his…and I will bag up the rest. Later in the week I usually am not even tempted, since I’ve already had a few…and he eats the rest in no time at all…

Again, the key is moderation, self-control, and not obsessing. If having sweets in the house (that you are forbidding yourself from) makes you crazy, then tell your significant other about it. Enjoy your favorites in moderation, and if you feel it’s necessary, just ask them to eat their sweets when you aren’t home. Having your partner on board (or at least support you) is a huge part of being successful with a lifestyle change, but just remember your goals! 

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