New on the grocery list…

It takes a lot for me to permanently add something to our rotation, but recently a few loves have been found.

Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips I’ve been getting these from costco for a while and they are so good, I don’t even miss “real” chips. They are delicious with salsa, hummus, or guac.

Cream of rice I used to eat oatmeal everyday (with some concoction of egg whites, almond milk, pb2 or whatever else sounded good) but I’ve been dealing with some GI issues and decided to try cutting some things out of my diet. I went with cream of rice instead and it’s delicious. I’ve always liked cream of wheat and it’s very similar (but GF). I add a scoop of protein powder and it’s delicious.

Questbars These are seriously the best protein bars. If you bake them they turn into cookies. I’ve gotten a few samples over the past few months, and finally bought a box at the fitness expo we went to a couple weeks ago. 20 grams of protein and 3-5g net carbs you cannot go wrong. My favorite flavors are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and White Chocolate Raspberry

Ezekiel Bread It took forever for me to try it, but thanks to Jazzything’s suggestion at the motivational event a few months ago I tried it. And loved it. It’s flourless and is made from sprouted grains. It makes the best toast and is delicious with avocado (but what isn’t?)

Coconut flavored La Croix I’ve tried a few flavors and this one is the best! It’s really good with a little pineapple juice too.

Zevia This one is for my husband. It’s soda sweetened with stevia and it’s delicious. He likes the cream soda flavor. We get this at sprouts, but I’ve seen it at Whole Foods and Harmons.

Superfood salad mix Also from Costco, this delicious blend of kale and a bunch of other greens is delicious. I’ve used the craisin/pumpkin seeds it comes with in a chopped salad (with apples, chicken, etc) But I’ve never used the dressing it comes with. 

Have you come across any new faves recently? 

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