Motivation Monday: Spring Break

Happy first week of March! Daylight savings is around the corner, and so is Spring Break! My family is spending spring break at a cute little beach house in Santa Barbara which is just the motivation I needed to get my butt in gear. I got serious last week and got all 6 of my workouts in (a nice change form the week previous, when I was lazy and sick). 

As additional motivation/bribery for myself, I told myself I could schedule a facial once I got all my workouts in. I had a 30% off facial at my gym, and I’m scheduled for next week. Worked like a charm. Figure out what motivates you and do it! 

Last week’s workouts were as follows: 

Monday- Back/Bi’s
Tues- Cardio/Abs
Wed- Shoulders
Thurs- Cardio
Fri- Legs
Sat- Chest/tris and light cardio

I plan to stick with a similar schedule for the remainder of the month pulling from the Jamie Eason workout plan as well as the Muffin Topless workout plan. Both are great.

SO. If you are looking for motivation, just remember- spring and summer are around the corner! Now that the weather is warming up, get outside for a little extra physical activity and enjoy the fresh air. I believe that any body is a “bikini body”, but that everyone should also feel confident on the beach or when pool-side. It’s no fun being self-conscious when you should be enjoying life and having fun. So do yourself a favor and put in some extra work this month. Make YOURSELF proud. 

Happy Monday! 

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